8 Ways To Select A Mascara.


Lancome grandiose mascara

I totally agree to the fact that if one makeup staple that I can’t live without is always a good quality wondrous mascara. Anyways, who couldn’t able to resist the thick, volume and fuller looking lashes, isn’t it? Stunning! Besides, I do have a fair share of mascara trying out then and there too and I’m absolutely proud enough to say that in the meantime as well. But instead, if you ask me, “Is that necessary to try out different varieties of mascara?”, then I would say that, yes, it is definitely a swoon worthy deal for sure since the more the mascara you try out, the better the knowledge you could gain and hence, don’t leave a chance to refine yourself.




Creating a quintessential definition to your lashes is the most important feature that you could able to achieve on your eye makeup look and one of my recent finds, Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara that incorporates all the vital factors of dramatic definition, carbon black finish, curvaceous brush wand, intense feather like bristles and clump free formula are the best to be noted for.


  • Additional nutritious source of Keratin and Shea Butter
  • Applicator spreads out the formula evenly
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge free
  • Flake free




I really love mascara that multiplies my lashes to hundred folds more and one such great find is the Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara which not only multiplies my lashes innumerably well but also gives a humongous volume to my lashes several times better.

Vital Elements:

  • Brings in great volume to your lashes
  • High longevity
  • Separate lash look
  • Clump free


MAybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

The other great feature of mascara that I most liked about is the light weight of the mascara wand which is so easy to handle just like a feather handed characteristic; plus, application wise, it is much versatile to use to bring in some volume, curl and lift instantly to your lashes and one such particular find is the gorgeous Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.

Great Features:

  • Volume
  • Light weight applicator
  • Instant curl and lift



Adding a lash primer is always a wise decision if you are looking for an intense and thicker looking lashes as it brings in oomph effect to your eyes instantly and one such amazing find is the prestigious L’oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara and it comes as a two bottle portion whereas one container has the lash primer on and the other has the actual mascara content itself and hence, intensity is at its simplicity if you use this stunning staple as a beauty piece.


  • Extra addition of lash primer
  • Brilliant brush bristles
  • Thicker and separate looking lashes
  • Intense lash look


Lancome Grandiose mascara

Having an extra length to your lashes is the most blessed about property that one could always look for and the most adventurous Lancome Grandiose is the perfect beauty asset that one could have in their beauty wardrobe.


  • Perfect swan neck brush wand
  • Native rose cell extract that enhances lash length


Choosing a mascara that has the most extravagant formula is always the best choice one could opt for and always look for the nutritional properties that allows your lash length to grow or provide some lash care for a long lasting moisturisation to your lashes. Besides, always look for water-resistant formulas that are great for warm, sunny days to use.


Choose the most incredible brush wands that are available in the market like curved, swan shaped, tapered, round headed and super sleek wands and always make sure that you are opting the right wand for the right purpose.


Nowadays, mascara can be obtained in so many colours that could easily be able to match with your hair colour, skin tone or your uber-stylish outfits and some of the most stunning shades that are trending at the moment are black, brown, cobalt blue, purple and  minty green.

So, which factors that I mentioned above are the most desirable options that you account for? Let me know all about your personal thoughts and as always, I would love to read them.



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My Luxury Mascara Featuring Lancome Grandiose.

Lancome Grandiose mascara

Lancome grandiose mascara

Do you hunt for mascara quite often? If you are like me, then I hope you do as having a small lifespan of just 4 months, there is always an opportunity to look for the latest best bets in the market. On the other hand, my exploration for mascara are incredibly endless and these are some of the evidential proof such as a drugstore friendly mascara like Maybelline NewYork The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara or a much applauded version of designer mascara like Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara or an eye-catching mascara like Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara. So, stay tuned to see what is in-store for today.


Lancome Grandiose mascara

If it is a luxe item, then packaging comes as the first selling point and to be honest, it was like love at first sight and it seemed to me as mascara in a bottle. Besides, it stands out extraordinarily well with stunning looking glass design which resembles more towards a perfume bottle rather than a regular mascara and hence, definitely, it acts as a centre piece on your mirrored dressing table for sure.

Basically, the mascara bottle is divided into two parts whereas the top wand holds the brush with bristles and the bottom container holds the mascara content. Plus, the opening   and closing of the mascara is well secured and the highlighting part is, while closing the bottle, you could able to hear the click sound which reassures you the complete safety of the well-locked position which meanwhile, aids to avoid any leakage or spillage.


Lancome Grandiose mascara

There are so many benefitting factors that makes this mascara as a standalone option and some of the key elements are:

  • New application technique
  • Patent-pending Swan-Neck wand
  • Formula is enriched with Native Rose Cell Extract
  • High precision brush with bristles that could able to coat lashes from roots to tip
  • Brush is designed in such a way to reach lashes from all corners of the eye
  • Mascara wand is adapted to suit every eye shape
  • Mascara creates a wide angle fan effect
  • Finished eye lash look is totally captivating and simply grandiose


Lancome grandiose mascara

Positioning the brush wand while applying mascara on your lashes is the key and also, try to remember to start from the outer corner of the eye, then to the middle and finally, finish off the routine while moving towards the inner corner of the eye. So, let’s see how to apply mascara on your lashes precisely.

Right Eye:

  1. Outer corner & centre: Hold the wand with curve facing down to lift and wing-out the lashes.
  2. Inner corner: Hold the wand with curve facing up to lift and extend the lashes.
  3. Lower lashes: Hold the wand with curve facing up to lift to define the lashes.

Left Eye: (If you cross your hand over the nose)

  1. Outer corner & centre: Hold the wand with curve facing down to lift and wing-out the lashes.
  2. Inner corner: Hold the wand vertically to lift and extend the lashes.
  3. Lower lashes: Hold the wand with curve facing up to lift to define the lashes.

Left Eye: (If you switch hands)

  1. Outer corner & centre: Hold the wand with curve facing down to lift and wing out the lashes.
  2. Inner corner: Hold the wand with curve facing up to lift and extend the lashes.
  3. Lower lashes: Hold the wand with curve facing up to define the lashes.


  • Use a lash curler before using mascara to get a perfect curl to your lashes
  • Always remember to do a zig-zig motion on the roots to get a fuller lash length look
  • Press the roots gently with the brush for a stunning looking voluminous effect


  • Transforms my lashes from normal to a dense lash look
  • Available in 4 different shades like black, brown, purple and cobalt blue
  • Noir Mirifique is a gorgeous extreme black mascara which gives you a quintessential voluminous lash look
  • Brush wand helps to create a fanned out lash effect
  • Want some divine curves? Then, this is the product for you
  • Great quality and amazing price

Have you ever used this product before? And, if so, let me know your personal thoughts and as always, I would love to read them.

For more information, head over to Lancome, UK.

Have a great week ahead.



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