7 Pastel Shades That You Need For This Spring.

essie, rimmel london, no.7, barry m cosmetics, maybelline newyork

essie, rimmel london, no.7, barry m cosmetics, maybelline newyork

Do you love pastel nail shades? Yes, I do and I religiously use all these 7 shades throughout the Spring. And, I know there could be no other way to rock your nails rather than painting your nails along with these water coloured pastel shades on a breezy, warm, sunny Spring days. Besides, your nails tend to represent more like an artistic feature rather than a regular nail paint, isn’t it? Marvellous! Meanwhile, what about their colour choice? Well, you name it and I show it. What colours are you expecting? I have a huge range to show you like sky blue, water blue, coral, purple, pink, mint and nude brown. And, that’s what I call as a pretty Spring nail dressing, score!


essie, rimmel london, no.7, barry m cosmetics, maybelline newyork

Herewith, I will be showing some of the best drugstore favourites that I’ve been adoring at the moment and these childhood favourites colours are a perfect blend of matching hues like blue representing water and skyline whereas coral brings back memories of marine reefs and the gorgeous pink represents Spring Fete’s sweet candy floss and the mint shade represents the refreshing and cool mint ice cream and the imagination is absolutely endless.

essie, rimmel london, no.7, barry m cosmetics, maybelline newyork


Naughty Nautical:

This aquamarine hue is similar to cool mint shade and it is perfect for any Spring day outs or boat ride and with just two coats along with base coat and top coat, you will be looking for stunning nails for sure.

Cute As A Button:

This multi-hued, reef inspired coral shade is quintessential to wear along with either a peach Spring dress or a stunning coral Spring blazer. I always match it along with my NewLook coral blazer.

Bikini So Teeny:

This dusty blue shade is ideal to wear along the beachside as just as the name says. Doesn’t it look perfect along with the warm, sunny sky? Super!


Sweet Retreat 270:

Right! The name itself narrates the story of its hue and yes, this sweet candy floss inspired hue works exemplarily well along with the Spring floral dress and anyways, what could be a better way to spruce up this Spring – gorgeous, isn’t it?


Mauve Kiss:

Mauve is having a huge moment not on just lips alone and these days, it is very popular among nails too and this perfect nude shade is ideal to wear for this Spring. So, if you really love mauve matte liquid lipstick, then this is the perfect matching partner and so, try it and you will be amazed how well both goes together.


Duck Egg Blue:

It is a must-have pastel shade for sure as it goes really well along with matching outfits, jackets, blue eye makeup look and so on. And, the quality is amazing and look at the size of the bottle – oh my! I can literally keep it for years before I finish up to the last drop of the varnish. Awesome!


Need For Speed – Purple 524:

I know purples are girl’s best friend nail colour and I’m not in exception either and this stunning purple shade is a perfect nail staple for this Spring and more importantly, along with this amazing quick dry technology, there is no need for your nails to dry longer and so, if you are a busy bee just like me, then this is the right choice for you.

Always remember to stock your latest pastel nail shades and all these shades are available from your local Boots store and so, grab it until stock lasts long.

So, which is your current Spring pastel nail shade? Let me know about your thoughts and as always, I would love to read them. Have a wonderful midweek all!



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Striped Polka Dot Nail Candies.


If you’ve visited my blog regularly, you might have known the fact that I am quite a nail-art addict and if you are just like me, then, what kind of nail art theme would you choose? Is it glitter or confetti or stripes or polka dot or geometrical or ombre or patterns – which one is your favourite? If you ask me, I would say, I love everything since each and every nail art expose some kind of in-depth creativeness deep under to it and that’s where, this time, I landed onto a Striped Polka Dot Nail Candies. So, let us see how to achieve it.

One another interesting point to be noted down here is, it is a great themed nail art for short nails as you must have known that short nails love vertical lines as they tend to project your nails to look longer and also, it is great for all types of nails too. Moreover, this nail art is so easy to recreate and what you all need is a perfect steady hand to keep a control on your fingers while stroking with nail varnish onto your nails. Hence, herewith, I have used three nail enamels which includes L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Addictive Plum and Essie Nail Lacquer Naughty Nautical and white nail polish from Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit. These nail shades are quintessential for this kind of manicure as their consistency is so great and brings a clean tidied streaks of line when drawn onto your nails while creating the desired look.

How to create Striped Polka Dot Nail Candies?

  1. Start the procedure with freshly cleaned and washed nails.
  2. Apply a layer of base coat onto your nails and allow it to dry.
  3. Stick the tape onto middle of your nails vertically so that it covers half of your nails effectively.
  4. Apply two coats of L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Addictive Plum onto one half of your nail and allow it to dry each time after application.
  5. Now, take off the cellotape.
  6. Then, put the cellotape to cover the painted part of your nails (Note: make sure your nails are completely dried off at this point) and then, repeat step 4 with Essie Nail Lacquer Naughty Nautical.
  7. After that, take off the cellotape.
  8. Now, apply dots onto the middle of your nails using dotting tool along with white nail polish from Sally Hansen French Manicure kit.
  9. After drying, finish off your nails by applying a layer of top coat onto your nails and allow it to dry off completely.
  10. Tips: If you are literally a steady handed person, then you don’t need to use the cellotape but instead, paint each half of your nails with two different colours.

Plus, I hope you would also try this manicure in near future at your home.

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