Review: Nyx Color Correcting Concealer.

Nyx color correcting concealer

Nyx color correcting concealer

If you haven’t checked out my recent Boots haul, then click in right here to see what are all I’ve bought it from the store. Well, from the title, you might have guessed what I’m going to talk about and yes, today’s post is all about Nyx Color Correcting Concealer and herewith, I will be sharing some of the key points which makes this concealer palette as the best standalone product among all of its peer competitors. On the other side, there are also some varied response of asking the question as, is this colour correcting technique is the new contouring? Maybe, with so many beauty brands put forth with their own specifications, maybe it is a new era of concealer game. So, stay tuned to see more.


Nyx color correcting concealer

First of all, let me get into its sleek packaging where it comes as a squared box that is milky white in hue and the top of the box is pretty much translucent where it shows the content of the product with transparency. Then, comes the clickable closure of the box which is quite handy to avoid any spillage and the actual product content comes with 6 rectangular pans. Lastly, at the back of the box, it clearly specifies the details of ingredient and expiry date.



Nyx color correcting concealer

There are so many features that is appreciably new to me and some of the key highlights are:

  • Product comes with six different colour correcting concealer shades
  • Lightweight formula
  • Hides skin concerned areas like acne, blemish, scars, dark circle, eye bags and veins
  • Great coverage
  • Even out imperfections
  • Creamy in texture but still remains non-creasy
  • Glides on for ultra smooth finish
  • Easy to blend and build
  • Long lasting





Nyx color correcting concealer

Yes, colour correcting concealers are quite different from regular concealers as each colour specifies each action and hence, it is applied only to those areas where it needs particular attention but instead in regular concealers, you tend to apply to major area on the face. Besides, getting it mastered is a bit challenge but once you have done it, then the beauty world is just in your hands. So, let’s see the real benefits of each colour tone.

  • Yellow: It works exemplarily well around the nose area where you need to cover up the light pinky skin conditions
  • Green: It is great to conceal areas of redness like acne, blemishes and breakouts
  • Purple: Ideally, it neutralises the area of yellow undertones and the other key advantage is, it works as a quintessential brightening base
  • Pink: It conceals under eye bag areas on fairer complexion and it instantly brightens up the eye area by covering any fatigue or dark circle and also, it corrects areas of veins and dark spots
  • Beige: This is a normal concealer shade where it is easy to apply onto the upper forehead and discoloured skin areas
  • Brown: Just apply it onto the jawline area to give that chiselled, sculpted look


  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned and washed face.
  2. Remember to use toner to tone your skin.
  3. Apply your regular moisturiser that has SPF factor.
  4. Apply the above shades as per required onto your face.
  5. Top it up with foundation.
  6. Using beauty blender, blend it well.
  7. Now, your perfect foundation base is ready for the next step of makeup.


Nyx color correcting concealer

I’m very much impressed with the quality of the product and let me show you the drop down list which explains why I like it.

  • Budget friendly
  • Pocket sized
  • Cruelty free
  • Easy to work with creamy formula
  • Great to cover all skin concerned areas
  • Skin feels more soft and supple after application
  • Greater longevity

Have you ever tried this product before? If so, please me know your personal thoughts on this product and as always, I would love to read them. Happy #FriYay!


5 Step Skincare System From Arbonne RE9 Advanced

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5 Step Skincare System From Arbonne RE9 Advanced*




First of all, you could always able to check out the samples that I have received from the lovely Maimie from Arbonne* right in here. Hence, nowadays, I’m keeping myself busy testing and trying their RE9 advanced anti-ageing skincare line and meanwhile, I would also like to share the same with you all. To be honest, I always love to use skincare line that uses botanical ingredients as main components and I should say that Arbonne has literally nailed it. Plus, with so many key benefits, I can’t wait to chit chat with you the amazing experiences that I’ve been venturing in the last couple of days and hence, stay tuned girls!


Arbonne provides skincare line keeping in mind that they deliver the best to the people who use it. And, some of the key features that it differs from other players are:

  • Using pure ingredients
  • Safe to use beauty products
  • Holds lots of added benefits
  • Vegan free
  • Cruelty free


For me, skincare is more important than makeup and also, myself, having used makeup as everyday ritual, it is always a wise decision to follow a skincare regime that is as effective as possible and let me show you a drop down list which states why skincare is more important in your life.

  • Makes your skin healthily balanced
  • Keeps your skin clean and away from all the impurities
  • Allows your skin to breathe through without makeup for a while
  • Avoids your skin getting dried up
  • Keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated


L-R: Smoothing facial cleanser and Intensive renewal serum
L-R: Corrective eye creme and Restorative Day Creme SPF 20
L-R: Extra moisture restorative day creme and Night repair creme

Step 1 

Smoothing Facial Cleanser:

This pearlescent creme works exponentially well to wipe away all the heavy makeup and impurities at no time at all and after use, your skin feels so smooth and refreshed. And, first impression is always the best impression and this smoothing facial cleanser is one among them and hence, I think there is no other better way to start a good skincare ritual. Overall, this cleanser works so gentle on my skin and I’m so impressed with the refreshing formula.

How to use?

  1. Remember to cleanse your skin two times a day, both morning and evening.
  2. Take the formula and apply it onto your face and neck.
  3. With your tender hands, gently massage your skin in circular motions.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  5. Head onto the next step, which is toner.

Step 2

Regenerating Toner:

So, the next subsequent step in skincare routine is using a good quality toner and Arbonne’s regenerating toner answers all those questions and it takes just a matter of seconds to tone your skin. Well, how many of you use toners regularly? And, do you know how important it is in your daily skincare regime? Fortunately, I joined this game lately and I could able to differentiate the softness and suppleness that it brings onto my skin after application and so, I would highly recommend to anyone to use toner regularly and it is certainly a must have product in your beauty wardrobe.

What is special about this toner?

  • The formula of the fluid is rich in anti-oxidants
  • It is pH balanced toner
  • As the name says, it regenerates your skin
  • Also, tones your skin immensely well
  • It refreshes and preps your skin for the next step of skincare


  1. Like cleanser, use toner both in the morning and evening.
  2. Take few dabs of it onto the cotton pad and move it all around your face and neck.
  3. No need to rinse after application.
  4. Also, avoid contact with eyes.
  5. Now, move onto the next step of skincare regime, that is firming and lifting skin which is none-other-than, serum.

Step 3

Intensive Renewal Serum:

This yellow-hued, intensive renewal serum is heavily concentrated that has all the skin nourishing elements like collagen supporting ingredients that are clinically proven to hold in moisture and it helps visibly to firm and lift, while lessening the appearance of fine lines.

How does it stand at its best when compared to its peer competitors?

  • It contains collagen supporting ingredients
  • The intensive formula is super concentrated and hence, less is more
  • Maintains moisture and keeps your skin hydrated after application
  • It firms and lifts your skin visibly well
  • It aids in the reduction of fine lines


  1. Take a small blob of serum onto your finger tip.
  2. Apply serum evenly over the entire face and neck.
  3. Not to forget to use it twice daily.
  4. Proceed onto the next step, that is corrective eye creme.

Step 4

Corrective Eye Creme:

Are you worried about your eye bags? Then, stay cool as help is on the way. Yes, the corrective eye creme helps to give you a healthy looking eye area and at the same time, while talking about the formula, it comes as white in hue, thick in consistency and smooth in texture.


  • It helps to diminish the look of fine lines
  • It aids to reduce puffiness around eye area
  • It assists in the reduction of dark circles

Method to follow:

  1. Just like the above products, use this eye creme two times a day.
  2. Take the tiniest amount of it on your finger tip.
  3. Gently apply it all around the eye area.
  4. Now, step into the next level of skincare regime, that is either day creme or night creme.

Step 5

Restorative Day Creme SPF 20:

Does your skin look youthful? If not, try this product and you will be amazed how good it is. This white-hued concentrated day creme moisturises your skin effectively well and also, it helps to protect your skin by fighting against harmful UV rays and environmental affecting factors. Also, this creme is topped up with collagen supporting botanical ingredients which helps to make your skin to look more youthful.

Key elements:

  • Added SPF factor helps to prevent your skin from sunburn
  • It contains collagen supporting ingredients
  • Botanical components helps to restores youthful looking skin appearance


  1. Use it only in the morning after serum.
  2. Take a blob of cream on your finger tip.
  3. Apply it liberally onto your face and neck before sun exposure.
  4. Massage it until it gets absorbed onto the skin.

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme SPF 20:

Are you looking for a day creme that has better moisture retention? Then, this is the product for you as this ultra hydrating creme keeps your skin moisturised deeply including dry skin and this creme supports collagen which aids to protect your skin’s youthful appearance. Besides, the other key benefit is to keep your skin being young and radiant.

Best Features:

  • Ultra hydration
  • Moistures skin deeply including dry skin
  • Supports collagen
  • SPF factor helps to protect your skin’s youthful appearance
  • Keeps your skin to look young and radiant

How to apply?

Use it exactly like the way you use restorative day creme SPF 20 on your skin.

Night Repair Creme:

BEAUTY SLEEP – this is the latest and most talked about beauty essential that every beauty lover needs and yes, this night repair creme gives the right answer for it as this rich creme gives all the hydration that your skin needs while you are fast asleep. Plus, the botanical ingredients immensely supports collagen and it allows you to wake up every morning with a youthful looking skin. Doesn’t it sound great?

Key Factors:

  • Super rich formula
  • Provides ultra hydration to your skin
  • It has collagen supporting and botanical ingredients
  • Wakeup everyday with visibly looking youthful skin


  1. Unlike day creme, use it only at night after serum.
  2. Take a blob of cream on your finger tip.
  3. Apply it generously all around the face and neck.
  4. Massage it until it sinks on your skin.

This comes to the end of 5-step skincare system. Have you ever tried any of these products before? And, if so, let me know your thoughts about it and as always, I would love to read them. See you all on my next post on Friday.


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Review: OZ Naturals 2.5% Retinol Serum.

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Firstly, I would like to thank BrandBacker and OZ Naturals to give me this opportunity to review this product. Moreover, if you are a regular reader of my blog you might have read about two of the products that I have worked along with OZ Naturals before which is namely, OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising serum and OZ Naturals SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturiser. So, when I was contacted by OZ Naturals again, I couldn’t decline and I gladly agreed and jumped into the chance instantly. Besides, we all know that OZ Naturals are a market leader in the field of natural skincare and they also deliver a high standard of most effective anti ageing products in the market too and hence, one can’t go wrong with their unmatchable quality and the content elements of their products as they always distribute cruelty-free, alcohol free, paraben free and sulphates free products.

Well, I should say that OZ Naturals 2.5% Retinol Serum* is a wonder product and it makes your life much easier as it gives a perfect answer to all of your hyper-pigmentation, fine wrinkles and anti-ageing problems; plus, the magical ingredients inside the serum has also proven to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin right away and it also actively leaves your skin looking much healthier and younger that also comes along with a gorgeous radiant glow too. So, now, let us get deep into the main contents of the product which is preliminarily acclaimed to contain an amazing 72% of organic components in it.

  • Retinol – This product has the highest concentration of Retinol yet it still can be purchased along with no prescription at all. This Vitamin A derivative also helps to give a healthy balance to your skin.
  • Astaxanthin – This carotenoid pigment contains super-antioxidant properties and it is also predominantly found mostly in marine sea life creatures and it is also available plentiful from micro algae too.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This anti-ageing nutrient has so many nutritional benefits withhold in it and the first and foremost among them is, it acts as an excellent moisturiser and hence it aids to keep your skin hydrated all the time. In further, it also assists the texture of your skin to keep it soft, supple and smooth all the time and it also makes your skin nicely toned with minimised wrinkles as well.
  • Vitamin E – It contains a powerful antioxidant characteristic wherein it has the highest potential to reverse back the signs of ageing too.

Directions to use:

Previously, you already know that OZ Naturals HA moisturising serum was supplied as a squeezable dispenser whereas this Retinol Serum comes as a pump that is very handy in which case, you can have a control on what you need albeit. Moreover, this light-weight serum can be used either as a night-time or day time beauty routine and also, you need to make sure that you wear sunscreen along with this product in daytime as it contains Retinol content in it. Furthermore, it is very simple to use and apparently, start the procedure with the nicely washed and towel dried clean face. Apply this serum first on your face and neck (optional) and then, followed by a good quality moisturiser and then, finally, finish off your beauty routine with makeup on top of it. Last but not least, as it has no perfume at all, it leaves your skin with a tiny hint of barely minimal smell.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could also get all the information about this miraculous product right from

Disclaimer: *This is a sponsored post and it is an honest review of my own.

Furthermore, you could also drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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Review: OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum.


Today, I am doing an honest review on my blog regarding a product named OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum* that is kindly sent by OZ Naturals through BrandBacker and I am absolutely quite honoured to do a trial run for their amazing product as well. Basically, hyaluronic acid is a substance that is inbuilt in our body by birth but it starts to deteriorate chronologically and hence, to keep up the content going in our body, it is essential for us to include this content in our daily part of beauty routine to give a younger looking youthful skin. Besides, hyaluronic acid is quintessential to give a long-lasting essential hydration back to our skin too. In addition, it is also been used in Korean beauty regime as daily essentials for years and years by now and it is also followed and well celebrated by important celebrities to A-listers and hence, with immense popularity among the fashionable beauty contenders, let me guide you through some more evidential benefits of using Hyaluronic Acid Serum at its best.


Nutritional components:

OZ Naturals Hyaluronic acid serum is packed with all sources of natural goodness that are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, even though, this product includes 5% of Hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for moisturising your skin on its own but also, this product characterises other vital ingredients as well. Plus, this bottled liquid gold is made out of 72% organic ingredients and hence, one could able to take up the challenge to use this product without any reason for a second thought as it is full of wholesome goodness from some of the plant-based ingredients such as:

  • Organic Aloe (It has a natural source of cooling properties)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • Organic Jojoba Oil (It is rich with conditioning and moisturising properties)
  • Wildcrafted Green Tea (It has an amazing characteristics of anti-oxidant features)


Moreover, this enriched product also contains two additional essentials including:

  1. Vitamin C – which is ideal to give a great source of antioxidant that can give your skin an immense protection and also, it acts as a shield to your skin to fight against damaging free radicals.
  2. Vitamin E – which can keep your skin away from aging and can give a long-lasting youthful effect to your skin and also, this essential vitamin leaves your skin with silky soft baby skin each time after application.


As a moisturiser onto your skin:

There are so many valuable reasons that you can try this product as blind-folded and some of the main facts are:

  1. As hyaluronic acid has important attribute of withholding moisture content, this product serves exemplarily well as a moisturiser and it is also ideal to leave your skin plumped up supple all day throughout.
  2. This thirst quenching product drinks up all day goodness of moisture and it doesn’t leave your skin dull at all.
  3. Along with hyaluronic acid, this product also has aloe, glycerin, green tea and jojoba oil that are supreme to assist in balancing skin moisture levels at all times.
  4. As it has imminent qualities of anti aging contents that is great to stimulate collagen onto your skin which also serves as an ultimate in diminishing surface lines and wrinkles on your skin.


All about the product:

The product is packed with simple to perfection for easy handling and when you try to open the outer white and green carton packaging, there comes the liquid bottle which has a resourceful moisturising gel like serum that comes along with a versatile black dispensing pincher to the top that is also sealed with a plastic outer wrap and I think that the idea of using pincher is a sensible option since trying out the moisturising goodness all in ration without spilling any drop is a must too. So, when you unwrap the plastic seal, then it is all yours to use the powerful moisturising serum onto your skin right away.


How to apply?

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly washed and cleaned face.
  2. Optional: If you using a good quality toner, then use it.
  3. Apply a thin layer of this serum onto the desired area by starting a little onto your face first and move along to spread it all over the face to see the visible results.
  4. Wait until the serum gets dried up and you could also see how quickly the serum gets absorbs onto your skin immediately right after.
  5. Now, apply your usual moisturiser and you could also see the serum helps to enhance the moisturising levels onto your skin as well.
  6. Then, you can carry on with the regular makeup to complete the beauty routine.



To be honest, I have a dry skin (it is also ideal to use it on all skin types) and I tried this product continuously for the past five days and the matter of glowing looking healthy skin is a valuable result that I could able to see visually by the end of the day and even though, five days is not enough to come under any conclusion but I should say the highest factor of trying a moisturising serum under vulnerable hot and humid conditions that too in radiant summer times means a lot and it is a valid point too and I am proud enough to say that this product has accomplished its mission successfully by withstanding under high temperatures and hence, I would sincerely recommend to anyone who is willing to look for a professional moisturising serum that might include in their regular beauty regime.

Things that can be improved: 

This product is readily available onto the online web market but it would sound even better if this product is available on the high street shops and drugstore.

My skin loves this product and if you want to try out this incredibly good OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum onto your skin, then you could also go on to here to try out.


*Sponsored Post: This review was sponsored by OZ Naturals via BrandBacker and I received this product in exchange for my fully honest review. All opinions about this product review are my own and it does not reflect the views and opinions of the sponsor. Also, if anytime a product has been sponsored, it will be notified on my post as well.

Furthermore, if you have tried this product or going to try it in near future, then don’t forget to drop in onto the comments section that is listed below. And, you could also catch up on all the updates via Twitter // Instagram // Bloglovin’.