Weekend Mini Home & Beauty Haul.

Next golden amber wood candles, real techniques makeup sponge, barry m cosmetics, top coat, coconut oil, coconut water, burt bees lemon cuticle butter,

Next golden amber wood candles, real techniques makeup sponge, barry m cosmetics, top coat, coconut oil, coconut water, burt bees lemon cuticle butter,

Great News!!! Today, I’ve hit one more milestone on my blog, **700 FOLLOWERS** and I’m so elated and I want to thank all my amazing followers whole heartedly for giving me such a continuous support all throughout the blog journey along with me. Now, let’s talk about today’s blog post that comprises of all the elements of beauty and some home related items as well. Last weekend, I was on a total shopping spree mode which I want to share along with you and some of the shops that I’ve stepped into were Boots and Next. Then, how about you? Have you been onto any beauty haul lately? And, if so, then share along with me and as always, I would love to hear them. Right now, let me show you some of the product drop down lists.

Set of 6 Golden Amberwood Fragrance Candle Gift Set:


I love candles and it was like love at first sight when I saw it initially and right away, I was so determined to buy it plus, I should say that I made a right choice as a set of 6 amazing candles with sturdy candle holder with creative exterior design is always such a winner and as a double bonus effect, it is also a great way to reuse those holders once it is all done up with their burning time. Score! Besides, with an amazing burning time of 15 hours each, I’m very sure that these scented candles with gorgeous autumnal flavours of nutmeg, ginger, saffron and golden frankincense are definitely going to give a long mileage with aroma fulfilling all around my house. Lastly, with an astonishing mere price of just £10, I know one can’t go wrong with it. So, if you are living in UK, then always remember to step into the NEXT store to have a sneak peek onto their splendid autumnal range. 4mar162

Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream:

If you are just like me, then heading over to Boots is one of the best way to spend your weekend, isn’t it? Now, let us see some of the key buys that I’ve been on lately. Well, with winter chill months just creeping around the corner, there always exists a good excuse to invest in natural skincare product like Burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream as their ingredients are 100% natural and their formula is buttery in texture and creamy in consistency to use where it just melts onto your tips and toes swiftly without making any effort at all. Plus, some of the elements that I surely want to say includes: sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter helps to moisturise and soften your nails instantly wherein Vitamin E and sunflower oil aids to nourish your nails to stay healthy and to the top of notch, this product finishes off beautifully with a lovely note of lemon scent for a cleaner and fresher looking nails. More surprisingly, a little goes long way and so, 15g contents of the tin makes you to feel as a comfortable asset that can be used up for the whole season. For more inspirations on cuticle care, feel free to head over to my luxury cuticle care staple4mar165

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint – Storm:

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must be knowing that I’m a total manicure addict and Barry M cosmetics is one of the popular nail polish brand that I always trust on as their formula is so good and it is so affordable to buy as well. With Buy 1 and 2nd half price at Boots, I can’t resist myself and so, I’ve stocked up with the shade, storm and top coat. To have a little peek onto this shade, then **CLICK HERE** to open up to my Instagram account. All-in-all, I’m so impressed with the consistency of the formula and the amazing infusion of coconut water and coconut oil as key nourishing ingredients have made me to realise how much this brand has stepped up their nail care game.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge:

Before, if you are well verse with beauty blender, then nod your head rightly to this sponge as it acts as a great dupe to the former. As additionally, if it is from Real Techniques by professional artist, Sam Chapman, then there are thousand reasons to accept it as a great tool, isn’t it? Furthermore, with just under £6, you can’t go wrong with it as I’ve seen so many wonderful reviews from various beauty lovers all around the world singing their praises and so, now, it is my turn to have a sneak peek onto this product. Moreover, this product promises you to give a 3-in-1 multi-functional usage as the rounded end will help you to blend onto the larger areas of the face, then the precision tip covers any blemishes and imperfections that you may have and finally, flat edge gives a maximum contour effect to the areas of eyes and nose.

Have you ever used any of these product before? If so, then please be posted with your awesome comments and as always, I would really appreciate it.signature

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12 Beauty Resolutions For 2016.

I totally agree that resolutions are not only restricted to just personal life alone but also, it has to extend its hands onto beauty side too as these foremost principles could unmatchably able to bring a new transformation to the real definition of beauty. Besides, new year always reflects a new beginning and that’s why, this time I am planning to experiment with some of the beauty rules that are beyond my comfort zone as I want to know how much I could able to stretch myself to keep up with new beauty rules. So, let’s see what’s in store for?

Beauty Resolutions:

  1. Contouring and Strobing made centre stage in beauty throughout 2015 and I can’t see anywhere it is going to fade this year too. Besides, I would be over to moon if I master those tips and tricks of those techniques. Anyway, who doesn’t like to sculpt their face as a pro like Kim Kardashian.
  2. There is no excuse when it comes to removing makeup even if you are tired or exhausted and so, I made up my mind to follow the rules of removing makeup everyday without any fail.
  3. Haircare is one of those essential beauty routine that I need to concentrate even more and hence, I’m planning to try no-iron hair days in equal interval of time as this rule could make my hair to breathe for sometime. So, the other best option to go for is naturally curly wavy hair look.
  4. Well, I am not one of those person who can instantly splash a flashy coloured shade onto the lips and that’s why, this year I want to try bold and beautiful lip shades which is definitely away from my comfort level.
  5. Next, I always tend to opt for No-Makeup makeup days here and there and to give it a more zing, this year I would like to add up some natural lip balm onto my lips which is none-other-than, honey which could ideally bring a break to lip gloss and lipstick onto my lips.
  6. Nowadays, with so much damage from UV rays and high pollution, having a SPF factor in skincare and body care is an absolute wardrobe essential and to roll up even higher, this time I want to amp it up as daily care that includes all kinds of weather conditions like rain, sun and winter chill cold.
  7. If you are a beauty lover just like me, then nail care is a must-do regime and applying cuticle oil regularly could bring a healthy balanced to your nails. Also, coconut oil is one of those naturally sourced nail food that one should try for.
  8. Pamper sessions can able to bring a stress-free life and hence, make it as a practice to do frequent hair masks so that it could keep your hair silky soft as always.
  9. Practising DIY face masks every now and then is a well kept beauty secret for a bright glowing skin and hence, make some effort to do it regularly.
  10. Not all are blessed with a natural glowing skin and hence, keeping your body hydrated is absolutely mandatory as it can keep your skin glowing and healthy just like the baby soft skin. So, drink plenty of water every day.
  11. Besides, while moving onto healthy aspects of life, getting a good amount of sleep is very important to body as well as to skin and hence, try to sleep atleast 6-8 hours regularly.
  12. Lastly, fitness gives a major contribution to beauty side and hence, make it as a habit to do fitness 3 times a week which in return could bring a radiantly glowing skin that we all love.

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Miniature Body Butter Treats.


The first product that comes in the skincare regime is the good old body butters and having a thought of quantifying in-line with the fast bustling atmosphere, nowadays beauty companies are making a huge impact on delivering palm-sized, travel-friendly pots that are unbelievably handy while you are literally on the move. And, few of those trust-worthy branded miniature body butters like Soap&Glory’s The Righteous Butter and Champneys Health Spa’s Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Butter are the best examples of their product range. So, let me give you some in-depth details of their products right away.

Soap&Glory’s the righteous butter 50 ml:

Basically, it is a velvet textured body butter that has an intense feel of smooth and creamy lotion that ideally gets melted when it is applied onto your skin and the nourishing factors of softening shea butter and aloe vera makes this body butter multi-folds better and the botanical scent from the body butter could take your inner mind far away from home to the garden fields as it has an aroma of plants that refreshes your soul with plentiful of nature.

**In a nutshell**

  • Soft texture
  • Added nutritional extracts of shea butter and aloe vera
  • Moisture intact
  • Pleasant and natural aroma
  • Sinks into the skin
  • No bits after application
  • Long lasting scented feel

Champneys Health Spa Citrus Blush Enlivening Body butter 50 ml:

To be honest, if you are looking for a citrus crunched body butter, then this  is the quintessential choice for you as it contains all the richness of lemon, orange and heart-warming cardamom. Moreover, when you try to open up the container, then instantly you get the lightness of the citrus flavour that is encapsulated with the bouquet of fragranced cardamom to give you a nice duo of sensual feel. While, coming along to the moisture content of the body butter, then you guessed it right as it has a surplus amount of moisture retention formula from the enriching source of coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter. So, all-in-all, it is a complete package of body butter that has a citrus burst of essence incorporated in it, which is an ideal way to bring a feast to your healthy skin.

**In a nutshell**

  • Rich and creamy in texture
  • Refreshing scents of lemon, orange and cardamom
  • Revitalises your skin
  • Enriched with coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter
  • Leaves your skin unbelievably smooth without any bits
  • Perfectly moisturised feel
  • Great to apply on dry areas


  1. Start the procedure with the towel dried skin after shower or bath.
  2. Take generous amount of body butter in your palms and massage it gently onto your skin.
  3. Always, try to concentrate on the areas of dry skin including knees and elbows.
  4. Then, allow it to sink onto your body just like a second skin.
  5. Now, your skin is left with the fragrance that could last all day long.

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Sunset Palm Beach Nail Candies.


Today’s nail art is all set for holiday theme. Moreover, two things are particularly famous in Los Angeles – one is venice beach and number two is avenue styled palm trees that runs along in line parallel to the street. Hence, with that as the inspiration, this time I will be adorning my nails with the gorgeous ombre effect setting of sunset as the background base and palm trees as the forefront runner. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Besides too, I think there is no other better way to put altogether as a one single capsule. So, if you are in a holiday and planning to go on a holiday, then this nail art is quintessential way to interpret the holiday theme in a playful way and also, a cute way to entertain your holiday this summer. So, let’s see how to achieve this chic nail art in an easy and effective way.


As you might have guessed, my sincere love to Barry M nail polish is continuing like a very long story and for now, I have picked three marvellous shades including deep pink, turbo charged coral shimmer, citrusy yellow and lastly, the Barry M nail art pen to create this fun full Sunset Palm Beach Nail Candies.

To get the ombre effect sunset background:

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and washed nails.
  2. Apply a few drops of coconut oil to moisturise your cuticle.
  3. Then, apply a thin layer of base coat.
  4. Next, apply two coats of Sally Hansen’s white nail polish onto your nails as this helps to enhance the ombre effect layer at the top.
  5. After that, take a sponge and add streaks of pink, coral and yellow lines onto the sponge and dab it straight to your nails as two coats to get a nice pigmentation.
  6. Lastly, take off the excess bits by running a cotton bud that was soaked with nail polish remover along the perimeter of your nails to get a perfect tidied up look.

Note: Leave two minutes of drying each time after application.

Palm Tree Nail Art:

  1. Take the Barry M nail art pen and sketch the palm tree on top of the ombre effect nails by drawing a thin stroke of fine lines by starting from the tip of your nail and running towards the inner part of your nail.
  2. Allow the nail art to dry completely and this step is a must to get a nice smudge-free nail art look.
  3. Finally, apply a thin layer of top coat gently.

I hope you could also try this nail art at your home too.

Or, you could also have a sneak peek onto some of my nail art gallery which is right in here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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Barbie pink nail candies with green strawberry dots.


Pink nails are so popular and it is raving with huge demand for this season and hence, with all that in mind, I just went to explore on a journey to get deep into the roots that could make me way to reach the destination of Barbie pink nail candies; plus, as a girl, we all are well-known of Barbie right from the early childhood play days and also, no one could able to erase those wonderful memories that too even when you get older and that’s why, having that as an inspiration, I started to recreate my new version of nail art which could combine all the flavours of summer including colour, theme and essence. Hence, with no wasting of time, eureka! I got an idea and that’s where I landed onto “Barbie pink nail candies with green strawberry dots”. This nail art design is so effortlessly easy to do and follow and so, let’s get started.


Choice of summer hues:

As sun is hitting harder with silver mercury levels rising, there is no shortage of ravishing colours from mother nature and hence to stick onto colour and also to reflect the theme, I opted for pink and green, where the first hue is dedicated especially for Barbie, which is a universal defined colour and the latter one is purely for the strawberry shape and the luscious green grass that is spread all across the field like a green bed throughout summer.


Products and Tools:

  • Revlon multi care base+top coat
  • Barry M sugar-plum No. 513 nail paint
  • Lakme colour crush green
  • Barry M No.429 matte nail paint
  • Boots cotton pads
  • Boots cotton buds
  • Cutex nail polish remover
  • Coconut oil

How to do this nail art?

  1. Start the nail art with freshly prepared clean nails.
  2. Then, apply a thin layer of Revlon multi care base+top coat onto your nails.
  3. Now, apply two layers of Barry M sugar-plum nail paint onto the first four fingers and thus, leaving the pinky finger not painted.
  4. After that, apply two coats of Lakme colour crush green onto pinky finger.
  5. Then, using doting tool from your nail art kit (tip: you could also use small kebab sticks instead), take the green nail polish and make some strawberry dots onto the ring finger which could be faultlessly achieved by making three adjacent dots that are connected to each other – yes, you heard it right as it is that super easy nail art to do.
  6. Now, apply a thin coat of Barry M matte nail polish on top of each nail.
  7. Not to forget, always leave drying time of two minutes after each application of nail polish.
  8. Then, take off any excess nail polish onto the sides of the nail using Boots cotton buds that are already soaked up with Cutex nail polish remover.
  9. Take few drops of coconut oil and apply onto your fingers as a nail food.
  10. Finally, take off any excess oil with Boots cotton pads.

Yes, the nail art is done and seriously, the matte finished pink nails look exactly like a mirror reflection of Barbie pink dolls.

Wimbledon Tennis season has already started and I think, this nail art could literally match with any kind of summer dress which could also makes you to appear as so girly and posh and hence, if you are a spectator in the Wimbledon match, then don’t forget to catch up with this routine and there is no doubt that you would be getting plenty of compliments for your flawless manicure too.

I hope you like this routine and you could also comment in the section below.

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Happy Tuesday all!

My luxe obsession of colourful confetti nail candies.


When it comes to summer, it’s all about the ravishing colours which are sprinkled everywhere that covers the entire season. Plus, you must have known the fact about the two famous companies who recently celebrated their own label of cosmetic range in a modern way and they are none-other-than, Chanel and Topshop. First, when you look on to Chanel, the high-end market competitor who started selling its brand new “It nail polish collections” fives years back who also made all the luxe-loving people to reach an uncontrollable level of excitement for nail polish shades whereas, the other company to be noted for is the high-street champion, Topshop, who also made a successful debut makeup collection five years before and also their products were reasonably priced and kept much affordable in a way that you don’t need to watch for the price tag that you buy. So, by compiling the above two facts altogether, it is well enough to know that both companies worked harder in a unique way to conquer millions of customers as their product buyers and hence, with all at back of my mind, today I am going to show you my celebration-mode confetti nail candies that can suit for any festive occasions to come in the mere future. So, let’s get started.


Nail art:

I am a great fan of nail art and when you think about nail art, there are so many intricate designs and patterns that you need to be taken care of and also, it is a time-consuming process as well and hence, if time is the issue for you then it is a definite no-no although it is such a pleasure to garnish your claws with fabulous display of drawings onto your tender loving nails. On the other hand, painting your nails with just a hint of monotone hue might seemed to look like a boring situation sometimes and that’s the reason, this time I opted for a much interesting eye-catching pattern that is fancy and also not a rocket science that is difficult to handle for.


Why did I choose confetti nails?

  • The first thing is that the design that you could achieve is as easy as even a five-year old can do it as it is not like a flower design that you need to do it on your nails in the nail salon which would cost more than what you expected.
  • The pattern is confetti themed and hence it is shiny albeit it is not as shimmery as a seven-year-old’s boxed glittery nail polish that comes along with the kid’s magazine as a gift.
  • It has a hint of sparkle yet looks completely elegant and stylish that could effortlessly ticks all the boxes of festive moods.
  • Another reason is that confetti nails are very well adorned by celebrities and street stylers and hence, if they can then anyone can do it too.
  • It sounds great on its own as it is so versatile to slather and smear it on your nails on a lazy summer afternoons as you don’t need to go for a ton of tools, nail kit and accessories to complete your nails.
  • Last but not least, this theme is hue-filled in all ways that triggers the whole point of playful and plentiful.


Where to wear?

  1. As I said earlier, confetti nails are ideal for parties as it gleams with glee and it can faultlessly carry along well with the matching sparkling costume.
  2. These nails fit for any kind of festivity.
  3. It is absolutely great as a weekender as these nail candies literally goes well with denim shorts, white T-shirt and tanned sandals on a hot summery beach day.
  4. These nail candies supplement a hint of glam effect that could set you all in a quintessential holiday mode.
  5. You can also flawlessly show off your foil-toned glistening nails to your friends on your next catchup day.

Products that I used:

  • Cutex acetone free nail polish remover
  • Boots cotton pads
  • Coconut oil
  • Moisturiser
  • Boots cotton buds
  • Boots essentials – base coat
  • Rimmel London – 080 black cab
  • Barry M Aquarium collection – 428 mermaid
  • Boots essentials – top coat

How to create colourful confetti nails?

  1. Take the nail polish remover generously onto the cotton pad and wipe out all the old nail polish that are already clang onto your nails.
  2. Then, wash your hands nicely with the running tap water to clear off the dirt completely.
  3. Now, grab a few drops of coconut oil onto your fingers and massage it nicely all over the nails.
  4. After that, wear along some moisturiser on to your nails and leave it to soak for two minutes.
  5. Then, apply base coat onto your nails first.
  6. Now, apply two coats of Rimmel London’s black cab onto your nails.
  7. Then, apply a thin layer of Barry M mermaid onto your nails.
  8. Lastly, apply the top coat onto your nails.
  9. Don’t forget to dry your nails for two minutes each time after nail polish application.
  10. Finally, take off the excess bits on all the sides using cotton buds that are previously soaked up with nail polish remover.

Hurray! Now, your nails are ready to show off.