A Perfect Blush For a Minimum Makeup Look.


Recently, I could feel the sense of chill breeze entering the doorstep as the weather is changing and summer is nearly coming to an end and we all know that this is the time of the year where bronzer gets set aside and the tint of pinky blush pops up to flavour the season of colourful autumn. While, this time I was on a hunt for a light-weighted blush that is quintessential for a minimum makeup look since I want the hint of blush onto my cheek that is barely minimum yet natural and there I got bumped onto the Whipped Velvet Blush from Makeup Academy (MUA) in the shade of SPRY.

Besides, MUA offers exceptional beauty range that has a great quality at an affordable price too and the whipped velvet blush from MUA does the job brilliantly excellent as it is smooth and soft in texture and when you swipe your fingers onto the creamy blush, it just glides onto the light-weight mousse-like silkiness of the formula and when this blush applied onto your cheeks, it feels like it is next to the second skin; moreover, this ultra-chic, dusty pink blush comes in a rounded black pot that has a screwable top that is easy to get the hang of it gorgeously and the fluffy-feel formulation is tender light that is great to apply onto your cheeks plus it is ideal to get the desired consistency as per your requirements as this versatile blush enhances the look that literally suits you. Furthermore, this is the first time I have opted for a cream to powder blush and I am totally satisfied with the quality of the finish that it gives.

Additionally, if you are looking for a minimum makeup look, what you all needed is a blush that is subtle yet still have the feel of pinky blush onto your cheeks and surprisingly, this blush with just two strokes of creamy blush application onto your cheeks makes all the magic and it gets blended incredibly well with the help of the rounded fluffy brush and you could also have a tint of highlighting powder from Bourjois Bronzing powder and Highlighter duo on top of the blush to set it quintessentially and that is what I call as a minimum makeup look.

So, if you are looking for a blush that is light-weight, then you should definitely give it a try.

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The graphic eyeliner that you can’t resist to stare.


During SS15 catwalk runways, graphic eyeliner went uncontrollably well demanded and all the high-end supermodels among the major fashion houses were lined with heavy strokes of eyeliner that were created way too beyond imagination and hence with that as an inspiration, recently I’ve tried to recreate the graphic eyeliner look that is still quite wearable off the runway yet represents it in a unique way too. Plus, having said that you could do so many variations in defining a graphic eyeliner, now let us see how this recreation is going to make a mark on it.

So, what is a graphic eyeliner?

A graphic eyeliner is an artistic interpretation of an eyeliner that is applied onto your eyes yet in a creative way and this art of beauty was overwhelmed immensely on the SS15 collections including Versace and Givenchy and now, you could able to realise how important it is among the beauty gurus in general.

Products and tools:



How to recreate the graphic eyeliner?

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and washed face.
  2. Apply the Laura Mercier eye primer all over the eye.
  3. Now, take the Lancome Ombre Hynose blue eyeshadow and using eyeshadow brush, just slather it liberally by covering all across the eyelid.
  4. Then, take the biscuity golden shade from the Maybelline NewYork The Nudes Eye Palette and using your fingers, just dab it from the inner of the eye to the middle of the eye and not to forget, you just need to cover the eyelid and not to go beyond anywhere.
  5. After that, take the Maybelline NewYork Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner and run along a thick line that is close to the upper lash line and finish off the eyeliner with a perfect winged cat eye look by extending the eyeliner tilting upwards right from the outer corner of the eye.
  6. Next, take the L’Oreal Paris black pencil eyeliner and run it across the crease area by starting from the end of the crease to the middle of the crease and then using blending brush, buff and blend the black hue several times back and froth across the crease to give a nice smokey effect and you could also build up the intense look simultaneously.
  7. Then, take the dark shimmery brown shade from the Maybelline NewYork The Nudes Eye Palette and using blending brush, just smear it around the outer section of the crease area by doing a front and back arched motions and in this way, when you open your eyes, the dark eye shadow just stands out like a glistening star.
  8. Now, take the Barry M kohl pencil No.29 and apply the copper shade just below to the lower waterline, which also aids to make the eyes to pop out instantly.
  9. Subsequently, take the Maybelline NewYork Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner and draw a thick line under the copper line.
  10. Now, take the L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Shaper and create the brow shape as per desired.
  11. Then, take the highlighter from the Bourjois Duo Bronzing Powder and Highlighter and apply it onto the brow bone area.
  12. Finally, start off the mascara routine by curling your lashes with eye lash curler and then, using L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara, apply a thick coat of primer onto the lashes first with No.1 brush and then, followed by plenty of coatings of mascara with brush No.2 to give a million lashes effect.
  13. Now, your graphic eyeliner is quintessentially ready to show off (the picture at the top shows the completed look).

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My trust worthy summer travel makeup bag.


Today, it is so hot in here and the forecast is to expect to rise temperatures in mid thirties which is unbelievably roasting alike. And, when it comes to Summer, I just stick onto a minimal makeup routine and that’s the reason, today I will be touring around to show you some of my travel-friendly beauty companions that I take along while on move.

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Makeup bag:

To start with, I absolutely adore my Jimmy Choo makeup bag and I am totally in love with it as it is so easy to handle with an added flavour of elegance too and also, this makeup bag gives me a complete 100% satisfaction as I am really into snake-skin patterns at the moment.

Day cream:

From spring time onwards, I started using Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream as a swap to foundation as I wanted a light day cream with a hint of radiance to it and that’s why I opted for this cream and also, my skin looked overwhelmingly confident after using this cream as I don’t get any soreness or irritation when illuminant sun rays falls onto my face as it has the added feature of SPF 15 factor and this cream takes tender care of my skin as soft and manageable throughout the day.

Compact Powder:

I use Rimmel Stay Matte Compact Powder everyday as it is so smooth and literally it blends onto my face as a second skin and it doesn’t look patchy or cakey at all and it lifts my skin with an instant glow.

Bronzer and Highlighter:

Since it is hot summer days prevailing right now, I am purely on a bronzing routine instead of using blusher and I apply bronzer from the Bourjois Duo Bronzing Powder and Highlighter on to my cheeks by manoeuvring around on the lower middle section of the cheek bones and on the upper section, I fill it up with glowing highlighter and this cheek contouring is perfect for hot summer days as your skin tone looks wholly tanned.

Eye Palette:

The neutral eye palette from May Belline NewYork The Nudes is such an affordable, value-for-money product that is plentiful to finish off day-to-day eye makeup and the tones are amazingly fabulous from shimmery to matte tints and they are so pigmented in which case it is easy as just on its own or to build up even more.

Brow care:

My brows are taken care of by L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Shaper and it gives me the desired shape as I always wanted and the reason why I stick onto to brow pencil instead of powder brow product is, I actually love the simplicity and perfection of the brow shape that it draws.

Eye Liner:

My favourite liquid eyeliner pen is Maybelline NewYork Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner which defines the eyeline quintessentially by running along too close to the lash line and  also, the pointed tip makes the winged lining and flicks as good as an artist paintbrush.

Eye Crayon:

As we all know eye crayons are so popular nowadays and I use No.7 Stay Perfect Purple Eye Crayon as it is so versatile to use and I always apply it onto the lower lash line for a daytime look and for night-time, I go for a purple smokey look by blending the outer part of lower lash line with a blending brush.

Lashes up:

If I want more drama to my lashes, then this is the one I always trust on and it is none-other-than, L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara and oh my! it leaves the eyes with million lashes just as a Barbie doll.


My current favourite summer time lipstick is Maybelline NewYork Summer Pink Lipstick which I am fully in love with it.

This comes to the end of the post and I hope you like it.

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