Rodial Smokey Eye Pen.

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen Black, Brown

Radial Smokey Eye Pen Black, Brown

If you work as a busy bee and run as a road runner, then this amazing Rodial Smokey Eye Pen is the quintessential beauty staple for you. Yes, mark my words and you won’t deny it. This gorgeous beauty icon wish you good luck each time you use. Besides, having myself a great fan of eyeliners and mascara, there is no doubt that in a very small time, this statement piece has made a permanent place very close to my heart ever since I’ve started using it. Moreover, if you have checked my earlier post on “How to master a smokey eye look with just three products“, then you might have seen I was using the Accessorize London Pocket Set eye shadow palette and Collection fast stroke liquid eyeliner to bring the smokey eye look but instead, here, you could able to skip those two and use just this product alone. Doesn’t it sound amazing?


Rodial Smokey Eye Pen Black, Brown

This smokey eye pen works as a kohl eyeliner and the super pigmented and gel-like, creamy texture of the product is perfect to define the gorgeous smokey eye look that you’ve always desired to. Besides, the creamy texture of the formula is so easy to blend which is of course the most important and vital staple for any smokey eye look. Lastly, the intense pigmentation of this product gives you a complete guarantee for a long lasting effect and so, what else could you ask for, isn’t it?


  • Simple and sleek
  • Comes with a pen with lid packaging
  • Perfect lockable lid
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile to sharpen the tip of the pen


Radial Smokey Eye Pen Black, Brown

Two product smokey eye look: Using Rodial smokey eye pen, define both upper and lower lash line and using your finger as a beauty tool, smudge it all around the eye. Then, finally finish off with plenty of mascara coatings.

Dramatic smokey eye look: Line all around your eyes with Rodial smokey eye pen and using eye smudge brush, smudge gently onto both upper and lower lash line and bring a winged out effect onto the outer corner of your eye to give a deepened smokey eye look.


“This smokey eye pen brings smokey eye look with simplicity”

  • Perfect smokey eye staple
  • Application is super easy
  • Pigmentation is super rich
  • Perfect for any party inspired eye makeup look
  • Creamy texture works well with blending
  • Easy to adjust the amount of content that is needed
  • Formula lasts long
  • Gives you a long mileage
  • Single stroke is more than enough
  • Perfect defined lines

Have you ever used this product before? If so, then you could always share your thoughts along with me and as always, I would love to read them.


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Collective Beauty Haul.

Boots Extracts, body scrub, body spray, coconut body butter, sleek matte me lipstick, accessorize prime time

Boots Extracts, body scrub, body spray, coconut body butter, sleek matte me lipstick, accessorize prime time

This time, I’ve stepped onto 3 stores namely, Boots, Superdrug and Accessorize to make a collective beauty haul and I’ve restricted myself to try some from the high street brands alone as I’m prevailing from low-buy accountability and at the same time, I went on a shopping spree just like a little child in the candy store. Besides, being June as my birthday month, I’ve already got some special gifts from my loved ones and one such particular is Estee Lauder Ingenious Color Palette which I have already shared along with you and that’s why, this time, I made this purchase sensibly good. So, stay tuned to see more from it.

Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream:

The first shop I entered was Superdrug and I grabbed this gorgeous ultra smooth matte lip cream from Sleek Makeup which everyone is raving about and their detailed review and swatches are coming pretty soon. So, keep your eyes wide awake!

Basically, it gives a matte finish that dries off quickly and the hue looks much darker in shade after application. For a fuller looking lips, you could always go for a similar lip liner before heading on to this lip cream and in this way, it lasts long too and the intensity of pigmentation looks multi fold better as well. Lastly, with a little price of just less than £5, I think one can’t go wrong with it.

Accessorize London Prime Time:

The next shop I headed onto was Accessorize and to be honest, I’m a great fan of their amazing jewellery line and apart from that, I really love their beauty range too and this is the second product that I’m trying out from their beauty range and the one that I’ve tried before was Accessorize London Pocket Set Eye Shadow Palette and most recently, I’ve done a smokey  eye look by using just 3 products and this palette is one among them.

Back to this primer, the formula is light weight and so, it is as gentle as a second skin and also, it has an illuminating factor which gives you a soft, smooth and glowy finish to your skin and lastly, it has a nourishing content of Vitamin E which tends to give tender loving care while it stays on all day long on your skin. Moreover, having a huge sale going on at the moment in Accessorize, I took this as an opportunity to yield a ginormous bargain of 50% which made me to spend just £4.50 to have this beauty steal and how good is that?

Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Scrub:

Well, you might have heard of exfoliation, isn’t it? Yes, I do. And, this body scrub acts as a great exfoliating agent to remove away all the dead skins on your body and leaving your skin feeling soft and supple and at the same time, enlightens your skin to feel invigorated.

Plus, with an amazing content of shea butter and organic strawberry extract, I think it is a great winner as the former helps to nourish your skin whereas the latter, gives your skin the minerals and vitamins that it really needs.

The other high end gentle exfoliator that I’m loving at the moment is clarifying lotion from Clinique 3 Step Skincare.

Boots Extracts Satsuma Body Spray:

Want a zingy aromatherapy in your life? Then, this is the one for you as it gives a burst of mild citrus fragrance that makes your body to feel instantly revitalised.

This body spray has an amazing content of citrus reticulata extract that could be sprayed on your body whenever it is needed.

The other fragranced body mist that I’m religiously using at the moment is Victoria Secret’s Coconut Passion.

Boots Extracts Coconut Body Butter:

This luxurious body butter brings back those tropical getaway memories and this mild scented body butter that is nourished with coconut oil is a quintessential way to welcome this warm summer.

The other incredible body butter that I always worship on is Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter.

So, have you ever tried any of these beauties before? If so, share your thoughts and as always, I would love to read them.


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How To Master A Smoky Eye Look With Just 3 Products?

Accessorize, collection cosmetics, estee lauder sumptuous extreme lash multiplying volume mascara

Accessorize, collection cosmetics, estee lauder sumptuous extreme lash multiplying volume mascara

If Kylie Jenner can yield a smoky eye look with just 3 products, then we could also able to do that. And, anyways, isn’t it sound amazing? Yes! Recently, on a great occasion, she has decked herself up with gorgeous pinkish purple smoky eye look and also, she acclaimed that as a quintessential smoky eye look which is suitable for either day or night time smokey eye look and hence, with that as an inspiration, this time, I’ve selected just 3 products to accomplish the much anticipated and stunning smoky eye look. Besides, with a hint of twist, this time, I’ve tried the ever popular greyish black smokey eye look and so, stay tuned girls!


In simple words, it is the bold style statement look to your eyes and it makes your eyes to look so dramatic by finishing off your eyes with a long lusting dark eyed look that are smudged quintessentially to suit best for all kinds of special occasions. Lastly, not to forget that smokey eyes are girl’s best friend just as a diamond.



  • Eye shadow brush
  • Blending brush
  • Small brush
  • Eyelash curler
  • Cotton bud


  1. Create a base: Since there is no visibility of eye shadow primer here, I’m just sticking on to the lighter shade of grey as an eye shadow base because it will give some depth to the whole makeup look. And, using my finger, I’ve applied the light grey shade (top middle of the palette) onto the eyelids and crease area.
  2. Crease area: Using the blending brush, I’ve applied the dark grey shade (bottom middle of the palette) along the crease area and I did blend and buff movement to create a perfect blend to the crease area.
  3. Depth to lower crease area: Using the blending brush, I’ve applied the shimmery dark blue (top right of the palette) onto the lower crease area to give some intense depth and shimmer and yet again, I did the same blend and buff movement to make the shade to cover up evenly.
  4. Eyelids: Using  the eye shadow brush, I’ve dabbed the shimmery grey shade (bottom left of the palette) all along the eyelids.
  5. Outer corner of the eye: Using the blending brush, I’ve applied a dab of black shade (bottom right of the palette) onto the outer corner of the eye and I’ve blended it so well to give a defined sharp look.
  6. Inner corner of the eye: Using a small brush, I’ve applied a bit of sparkly silver shade (top left of the palette) onto the inner corner of the eye.
  7. Lower lash line: Using a small brush, I’ve applied a hint of grey shade below the lower lash line area.
  8. Eyeliner: I’ve applied a quintessential winged eyeliner using the above eyeliner selection.
  9. Mascara: First of all, using eye lash curler, I’ve curled my lashes really well before heading onto the next step. Using the above mascara, I’ve applied plenty of coats of mascara onto the upper and lower lashes vigourously.
  10. Final touch: Using a cotton bud, I’ve tidied up all the bits and bobs in and around the eye. Now, the completed smokey eye makeup look is ready to show off.




Have you ever tried a smokey eye look before? If so, let me know about your personal thoughts and don’t forget to leave in some great tips and tricks and as always, I would love to read them.



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August Favourites.


The summer month went particularly too fast this time and what an adventure I had in the beauty section! Gloriously wonderful as I tried varied range of products from drugstore to high-end products with so many variations including eyeshadow, perfume, jewellery and multi-hued nail polishes. Yes, they are simply gorgeous! Moreover, I am so happy to try the latest trend in the beauty sector such as fluid eyeshadow that is fabulously rocking at the moment and also secured a commendable place under the eye shadow section and hats off to Dior for using magnificent new technology that has been incorporated in it. So, let me jump into the beauty goodies right away.

Having used the interesting unique pieces of jewellery from Accessorize for many years, recently I fell in love with their amazing beauty collection that is pocket-friendly and also has the quality in comparison to the luxury products and the smokey eye palette from Accessorize is one among them. This eye palette is so versatile to use as it has the dual purpose that has been designed as a pocket sized and also, it has a high factor of pigmentation too. Furthermore, the texture is so feather soft and just clings onto the shading brush instantly. Then, while moving onto their jewellery department, this time I bought the latest ear styling statement, ear cuff that is so trendy to wear and also, it has a feel of light-weight character plus embossed with stone jewelled detail of flowers and leaves to it.

Now comes Dior! Dior! Dior! The name itself describes everything as this brand is accepted and celebrated from beauty lovers to celebrities and I am not in exception either. So, the first thing I want to show you is the marvellous invention of fluid eyeshadow that has the duo characteristics of liquid eyeliner and also the fluid eyeshadow and people say that beauty is an art and to master this product is definitely an art as if you want to want to use this as an eyeshadow, what you all need to do is just close your eyes and have two or three gentle strokes of fluid eyeliner onto your eyelids and let it dry for a minute and eureka! now, you have the perfect glossy mirror like eyeshadow on your eyes that are smudge-free and has an equivalent factor of long-lasting durability that is perfect to adorn your eyes for parties or any other special occasions or if you want to use this product as an eyeliner, then add a thin streak of line close to the lashes with the help of brush wand. Besides, getting the complimentary gift of the latest Dior perfume, Blooming Bouquet is an another added beauty touch where I could able to try to test the gorgeous perfume without spending a penny and while moving along to the scent, basically the fragrance is filled with floral flavours that are refreshing and rejuvenating at the same time as well.

Last but not least, nail polish hit my beauty shelves madly in August and by the way, the credit goes to the gorgeous summer we had in UK this time. Hence, I have purchased a varied coloured scheme of nail varnishes that ranged from gold to coral and from turquoise to purple and from confetti to shimmer and these nail lacquers are also from the wide selection of nail brands including Barry M Cosmetics, Rimmel London, Ciate London, Sally Hansen and Accessorize.

I hope you could also try these beauty products too.

If you want to write in your various thoughts and views, you could always pop into the comment section that is right below.

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Introducing My Latest Nail Polish Collection.


As Summer is shining radiantly outside, my strength for nail polish is getting immensely well populated than ever before and by the way, who can able to resist those gorgeous bottled gems away from our drooling eyes? Absolutely not for me as painting my nails is one of my favourite things to do in any lazy summer afternoons. Albeit this collection looks like a humongous range still my love affair to nail candies haven’t stopped and the evidential proof for this is, whenever I pop into any drugstore, I literally jump into the multi-hued nail candy aisle straight away. So, herewith, I have rounded up with some of my latest additions to my nail polish collection.

Furthermore, this collection has all the essential nail polish parameters including nail paint, top coat, confetti top, glitter top and even french manicure kit and the best highlighting part among all of these is that these nail polishes have an excellent wow factor of high durability as they are from the beauty industry’s trust worthy brands such as Barry M Cosmetics, Ciate London, Accessorize Beauty, Sally Hansen and Rimmel London.

Moreover, when it comes to application, there is no doubt that this collection could flawlessly able to make different kinds of nail candies like: from french manicure to shimmer nails and from coral nails to golden tan nails and from purple nails to emerald jewelled nails and from confetti nails to neon orange nails and from sheer nails to high gloss top coats and then, while moving onto the drying efficiency, Barry M Cosmetics’s Quick Dry nail enamels are quintessential to finish your job in tip-top condition that too with just a matter of minutes as their nail varnishes are designed especially for the busy city-living women; plus, the glitter and confetti nails works exemplarily well to get you occupied faultlessly on any kind of party or special occasion. Besides, if you have a serious addiction to french manicure just like me, then the Sally Hansen’s french manicure kit gives a perfect answer to your unassured worries as their nail polishes are so easy to stroke and also able to make a thin streak of defined lines so that it gives your french manicured nails as a salon finished look. Last but not least, I certainly need to mention about the gorgeous top coat from Ciate London which makes your life much easier as the quality of their top coat gives your nails a guaranteed hi-shine, long-lasting glossy look.

I hope you would also try some of these nail lacquers at your home too.

If you want to leave in a comment, you could always pop onto the comment section below to write down your various thoughts and views.

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Ear Cuffs – The Clan of Ear Candies.


The current trend in ear candies is adorning your ears with a pair of ear cuffs and it is also well worth to proudly say it as the clan of ear candies since the style trend has not only outreached either celebrities or runway models but also to all kind of fashion loving women too, who has also started accepting and celebrating the new arrival of ear candies as the hottest jewellery trend of this season. So, for now, let’s forget about the chunky statement staples of chokers and the dainty little necklaces that dangles around your neck but alternatively, you could swap it and embrace the up-to-date cutting edge statement of jewellery portfolio.

Before, there were some times where the statement staples were particularly restricted to VIPs and celebrities because of the fact of highly acclaimed price tag but this time to make our life easier, the various high-street stores have energetically stocked up zillions of ear cuffs that could literally match and satisfy everyone needs. Furthermore, since my recent visit to London, I am absolutely obsessed with Accessorize as they are the crown makers of designing staple pieces and each piece is so unique and much affordable that is also featured along with different aspects of stones, beads and metals.


Besides, design is the highlighting part when it comes to ear cuffs and my pair of ear cuffs doesn’t disappoint me either since the flower and leaf patterned jewels are immensely rocking at the moment and I have also seen famous celebrities with different age group like Rita Ora, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson have donned their ears with ear cuffs to  finish off their red carpet look grandly. Moreover, the design aspect is not that too complicated to handle and the benefiting part is that it is always showcased upwards that could basically run along your outer ear either half way or if you are brave enough, you could also adorn your entire ear with the highly-celebrated jewelled pair of ear cuffs like Chanel’s.

So, if you are fond of jewels like me, then you should definitely give it a go.

Or, if you are looking for dangling earrings, then you could certainly jump onto here.

You could always land onto the comment section below for your various thoughts and views on ear adornments.

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Emerald Jewelled Nail Candies.


Today, I am totally in a mermaid mode as I am on a journey to an imaginary land that is quite under the deep blue sea and swimming around like a mermaid and flapping my wings like a fish here and there. Oh! You must be wondering why I am screaming about mermaid tales here and the answer to this is as there is a connection and whenever I think about mermaids, three things always come straight into the picture like an instant which includes princessey feel, treasure box and glittering jewels. This time with a twist, I thought to bring that inspiration straight into my nails as well. So, let’s get directed right away.


Albeit the nails look glittery, it doesn’t represent like a five-year-old’s confetti glitters in any way but, it sets your nails get ready enough into the party mood instead. Moreover, the theme is fun and playful and also, it is so versatile to swap around your nails either as a main shade like me or just get restricted to just one nail alone whereas the other nails can be painted as yet another summer colour. Yes girls! The decision is all up to you because you are the sole creator and sky is the limit to bring the true essence of summer into your nails.


If you are a nail-art addict like me, then you should definitely pop into your nearest Accessorize store as they have poured in a new range of quality beauty products that is a quintessential alternative for any high-end product and each and every bit of their beauty stuffs genuinely speaks about the real quality of beauty that too at a very affordable price tag. So, recently, I have been on a cosmetic raid to Accessorize shop in Liverpool Street, London and truly, I just want to give a pat onto myself for the great work done by me in a bit of matter of waiting time just before the train arrival. Yeah! Even though, there were extensive versions of beauty goodies out there, this glittered Accessorize’s Forever Emerald No.12 nail polish caught into my drooling eyes straight at first sight. Well, I have no excuse and I took it right away to the bill counter to grab this emerald jewel as mine as this looks like a powdered emerald in a bottle. Gorgeous! I think, one can’t stay away from this amazing colour and the consistency is also so good and it glides smooth onto your nails as an another layer that glistens with glee forever.


While coming to the application, it is pretty straight forward.

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly washed and cleaned nails.
  2. Apply one coat of Boots essentials base coat onto your nails.
  3. Then, apply one or two layers as light or thick you want on your nails (here, I applied two coats).
  4. Finish off with Boots essentials top coat.
  5. Take off any excess bits with a cotton bud that is dipped with Sally Hansen’s nail polish remover.
  6. Note: Don’t forget to allow two minutes of drying each time after application of fresh new nail enamel onto your nails.

Yes, you heard it right. It is that easy peasy. Hence, give it a go and I am sure, your summer will be as glittering as a jewel.

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Pocket-Sized Smokey Eye Kit.


In this day-to-day busy life, everyone prefers to have pocket friendly items and I am not in exception either since I am a great lover of miniature ultimates. Moreover, as a keen passion for compactness, I always tend to spend money on space-saving products that are wallet friendly as well and that’s where I bumped into this gorgeous postcard themed, book-shaped London Pocket Set from Accessorize, which has a collection of matte and glitter eyeshadow that could flawlessly able to create the perfect black smokey eye look, which is also ideal to be worn for parties, festivals or any other special occasions. So, are you eager to have a look onto this beauty goody? Then, here is the way to go.

Having said that first impression is the best impression, this beauty product really acclaim the full credit of this saying as I fell in love with it at first sight and the packaging of the product itself is so eye-catching with features of landmarks, and stamps and also, plentiful of drawings like flag, floral and butterflies and the whole scenario has been calligraphed sensibly with true perfection. All I could say is that one can’t able to take off their drooling eyes from this exemplary goody and to make our life even more better, Accessorize has two different collection theme sets with one as London and the other as Paris and both of them looked utterly relevant which could also make a varied smokey eye look of black and brown hues.


Furthermore, when I just opened the set, the vibrant colours made an instant pop of colours to my eyes straight away and also, I could imagine myself trying out numerous variations to make different looks of smokey eye effect. Besides too, the box contains two gorgeous shades of grey and black as matte hues along with other four shades of shimmery colours that could finish off the smokey eye look quintessentially.


While coming along to the eye shadow swatches, all the tints looked well pigmented even though it comes under the best budget buy category and the texture of the product seemed silky smooth as it just glides onto your fingers fuss-free when it is just got swiped. Hence, I would recommend to anyone who wants to taste and test their smokey eye learning skills right from basics as it makes a gorgeous smokey eye collection set without any fault and that too, with a mere spend of £6. So, what else could you ask for? Hence, have a roll on girls! and there is no wonder, you would be much appreciated and rewarded for your beautiful arty eye work.

In addition, if you’ve been on a recent hunt for smokey eye palette, which one did you opt for? and why did you pick that product? Also, you could type your answers that can be popped onto the comment section which is right below.

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Happy Monday!