Beach holiday.


Summer is all about sun,sand and sea and what kind of summer holiday without a beach, isn’t it? And, that’s why, here comes my series of summer holiday fun facts which will yield all the goodness of summer as one single package and now, let’s see in detail.

Family Time:


Beach holiday provides pocket of opportunities for families to come together and so, invite your friends and families to give yourself a fun-filled family holiday and that is always rejoiced with happiness and laughter forever.

Detox Your Body:


Beach holiday works at its best to de-stress and recharge your body by soaking up in the sun and also, by having a wonderful lazy beach walk or soaking up your feet in the sea water or otherwise, you could bring your childhood inner sense appeal like building a sandcastle or burying your feet under the sand.

Say “Goodbye” To Hectic Work:


Beach holiday acts as a catalyst to show off your beach wardrobe like off-shoulder top, denim shorts, shirt dress, tan top and many more and last but not least, beach bags and tan sandals are ultimate mandatory too.

Richness Of Sun:


If you want to look like Sun goddess, then beach holiday plays an important role to make your glow tanned skin to look even more beautiful and also, aids to top up you month-ful supply of vitamin D sufficiency.

Water Sports:


Also, there are so many adventures that you can do in beach like jet skiing, beach quad biking, horse riding, canoeing, sailing and many more and so, just go for it.


Lastly, give yourself a bit of time off to feel yourself much better and relax your mind and body in a natural way which always helps you both work wise and also, physically too.

I hope you all had a fun time in reading this post and you could also show your love by sharing your thoughts onto the comment box that is down below and until then, have a good week ahead. Happy Holidays!


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21 responses to “Beach holiday.

  1. I miss the warm weather now looking at these pics 😩😃

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  2. I wish our beaches looked like that. Occasionally we get sun but even during summer, the water is freezing cold and the heat of the sun doesn’t make a difference. Lol.

    Also, I would love to do water sports! They look so fun!

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  3. This post gives me inspiration! I am off to a mini vacay tom to LA, so can’t wait to get a break! 🙂

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  4. If only it could be warm and summery every day…

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  5. Look amazing!!! I love doing nothing on holidays 😀 What beach was this?


  6. Such a lovely post! Glad you had fun!

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  7. We too are planning to visit some beach place soon! Yayy! Thanks for the reminder! xoxo

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  8. Beautiful photos and lovely post. I agree with you that spending some time outdoors on the beach really helps you to connect with nature and have a relaxing time.

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  9. I love the sea . Holidays must be at sea

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  10. It’s been so long since I had a vacation where I could visit the beaches, except the one in Dubai where it was burning hot😂

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  11. This really seems like an awesome holiday! The beach is so lovely. How many days would you recommend staying there?

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