5 Natural Beauty Hacks.


Here in UK, we are experiencing heat wave at the moment and we hit 27 degree centigrades yesterday which is pretty much the hottest day of the year until now and with scorching heat glowing around, there is no other better way to talk about the natural beauty hacks that is quite essential to keep your skin away from the harmful chemicals from beauty products so that it helps your skin to breathe for a while and herewith, I will be chatting along with some of the handful store bought kitchen ingredients which can do wonders in just a matter of minutes and that is too right at the comfort of your home and so, stay tuned girls!

Natural Skin Soother:

Ancient greeks have used yoghurt as a natural skin soother and they used to slather it liberally onto their skin after sunbathing and some of the highlights are:

  • The lactic acid from the yoghurt helps to reduce redness from the skin
  • It heals gradually from the burning sensation
  • It also helps to hydrates your skin incredibly well
  • Tips: For best results, always try to use full fat yoghurt which has high content of fat.

Best Skin Rejuvenator:

First of all, dry roast sesame seed in a pan so that it leaves out the essential oil and then cool it down. Then, make a paste out of sesame seed and water and then, apply it onto the face. Well, you can’t deny the fact of how good is sesame seed for your skin and some of the key elements are:

  • The in-held anti-oxidants of zinc and selenium aids to clear skin of pimples and fades away dark spots
  • The mineral richness of zinc assists in rejuvenating your skin by producing collagen and meanwhile, giving your skin more elasticity

Mighty Cucumber:

This is one of the traditional cooling agent for your eyes and I know, you might have guessed it right and yes, I’m talking about the nature’s wonder ingredient, cucumber. To be honest, there are so many ways you could try to incorporate cucumber in your daily routine as like:

  • You could whizz it along with green smoothie
  • Add some cucumber peels in the water as a cucumber tonic
  • Lastly, you could slice a piece of cucumber and keep it on your eyes for 15 minutes and then later, you can take it off to see your de-puff eyes cooling gloriously well.

Plump Up Your Skin:

Do you have any leftover whipped cream that you have been using as a dip for strawberries? Then, no worries as you could still use it as a DIY face mask for your skin and some of the vital benefits are:

  • The richness of the cream moisturises your skin really well
  • It smoothens and brightens your skin
  • It acts as a protein pack cream to your skin
  • After 15 minutes of application on your face, you could visibly see your skin plumps up exponentially well as the elastin from the cream revitalise your skin brilliantly well

Wonders Of Honey:

Honey is certainly a god’s send gift to us as the moisturising properties have innumerable number of advantages to your skin and let’s see some of it:

  • Honey mask: Firstly, apply honey onto your skin and then leave it for 10 minutes and  then wash and rinse away from your skin. Next, apply your regular moisturiser onto your skin. Since honey brings in moisture deeper into the skin cells, it acts as a double moisturiser along with your regular moisturiser. Score!
  • Note: Top model, Malaika Firth puts honey on her legs and wrap it along with cling film for 10 minutes to soak and then, she washes off to get a silky soft legs. Awesome!

Have you ever tried any of these beauty hacks before? Or, do you you have any other beauty hack? Then, you could share along your experiences with me and as always, I would love to read them. Happy Monday!



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11 thoughts on “5 Natural Beauty Hacks.

  1. Brilliant post huni, I LOVE cucumber so much – it’s the best thing for my tired eyes. I have an gorgeous eye roller that has cucumber in it and oh is it fabulous. Smell & all 😀 XXXX

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