Soap&Glory Solar Powder.

Soap&Glory Solar Powder

Soap&Glory Solar Powder

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might have spotted my recent blog post detailing on Spring Mini Beauty Haul where I have sensibly splurged my money on some of the cherry picked items that I’ve always wanted for and not only just me alone but many bloggers out there got so intrigued with this product and asked me to do a detailed review about this product and hence, with immense support, herewith, I will be going through some of its unique characteristics where it restored its unique stand under the bronzer division and with Spring just blooming on its way and I guess, this is the right time to share some information about this product and so, stay tuned girls!

Well, I’m a great fan of Soap&Glory products and I have used many from their range. To start with, let me introduce  The Righteous Butter which is my all time favourite body butters as it has a refreshing aroma that is nourished with aloe vera and shea butter and then comes the stunning granular Flake Away Body Polish where it helps to exfoliate your legs immensely well as the exfoliating agents of caster sugar along with shea butter and peach seed powder gives you a stunning looking polished legs that is quintessential for a beach essential look and finally, my cult favourite pampering routine where I religiously use Soap&Glory scrub and hand food to finish off my lazy Sunday afternoon’s indulgent regime.Untitled-8

If you are looking for a bronzer that has the greatest glow on the earth, then this is the right product for you as it gives you the sun kissed look that you were yearning for years and it doesn’t carry any fake or orangey tone at all and that’s why, it plays as a monopoly among the rest of its peer competitors. Also, it is a multi-shade shimmering bronzer and highlighter combo as well.Untitled-7

The sun kissed look with beach setting on top of the product itself narrates you the tale of the product. To be honest, the packaging is very compatible and it can be easily stored in your bag fuss-free too. Meanwhile, when the flip top is open, then there comes the duo bronzer and highlighter brick which has an embossed statement of S&G symbol on it and the round mirror at the top is ideal to do any touchups while you are on the move. Untitled-5

  1. Start the procedure with the perfectly done foundation base.
  2. Using the contour brush, just stroke the bronzer below your cheek bones upwards.
  3. Then, using the blush brush, use a slight tint of peach or pink blush to the apple of your cheeks.
  4. After that, using the wide fan brush, gently stroke the highlighter onto the upper part of your cheeks by strobing upwards.
  5. Now, the perfect conturing is done.
  6. Lastly, now your skin feels like beautifully illuminant and radiant.
  7. Note: This bronzing brick palette is perfect for contouring that is subtle in shade and very build able as well and hence, it is ideal to wear for any kind of minimal makeup look.


  • It is a bronzer and highlighter duo
  • It has the slightest shimmer that is added along to it
  • Perfect for subtle contouring that is build able
  • No orangey or fake tone
  • The completed look is sun-kissed that is very natural
  • Tint of glow and illuminant finish
  • You can apply bronzer and highlighter separately or combined together
  • Lasts long
  • Great value for money
  • Bag-friendly
  • Best travel companion

Have you ever used this product before? And, if so, then you could always share your personal experiences along with me and as always, I would love to read them.



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