My Trip To MAC Beauty Counter.

MAC Cosmetics



MAC Cosmetics

Well, this week has been extremely busy for me with hectic work schedule and to bring a relaxing environment far away from the hustle and bustle, I ended up landing onto the MAC counter and I know you would certainly agree with the fact that how much satisfaction one could able to get by glancing around the MAC counter. It is the place where there is atleast one product that is suitable for everyone’s need. Whether it is a foundation or a concealer or a BB cream or a CC cream or a bunch of makeup brushes or a makeup product- just you name it and they have it.


If you are a beginner to high end beauty products, then trying out products from MAC counter would definitely gives you an unmissable experience as their products are always rated high and you could also able to research for multiple reviews on online as well. Furthermore, for years and years, MAC products have been used extensively by famous people including from makeup artists to top models and from bloggers to beauty lovers and so, quality is a predominant thing in here and that’s why it is named as a trust worthy product.


MAC Cosmetics

How does the MAC beauty counter looks like?

If you are a debutant to MAC cosmetics, then you will be blown away with the well organised display of their products and you could easily able to identify the items without having any help as there are separate sections for each of the categories that includes foundations and concealers to one part of the beauty counter where as makeup products to other designated separate areas; plus, particularly, if you are looking for makeup brushes, then you could easily able to spot those gorgeous beauties along the mirrored shelves that are stacked up to excellence.21mar2

MAC Cosmetics

The main reason why I popped into MAC counter was to try out their exquisite foundation as my older one was nearly running out and so immediately after entering into the MAC counter, I was glancing around to see all the various possibilities that I could opt for. Then, just less than a minute, a lovely lady called Debbie has requested if I need any help and I jumped into the offer right away and asked her about what to choose from. Later, she checked my skin tone and asked to sit on the chair that is placed right in front of the mirror where she could flawlessly able to test and try some of the foundations that matches my skin tone.

Test & Try:

First of all, she started with two different foundations and she tried each of them on my face using the splendid foundation brush and finally, she figured out my best match. Hurray! *Happy Dance* I can’t praise enough of the outstanding service that I got from the counter and yes, of course, it is an unmatchable service.

Sample Testing:

Just like icing on the cake, I’ve asked her whether I could able to try the product before making a purchase and without a second thought, she grabbed a small glass pot and squeezed some of the foundation content into the pot. Voila! Finally, I got the sample which I could make it as a trial version to test the results. Last but not least, it is not only the counter alone that look so fabulous but also their foundation too as I’m so glad with the texture, consistency and the sweet smell of the formula. Also, not to forget, it carries a bit more hefty price tag but a small blob is good enough for a single use and hence, a little goes a long way.

Have you ever experienced the amazing service while you are in any of the beauty counter? If so, drop me and share some of your amazing personal experiences with me. Happy Monday all!


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36 thoughts on “My Trip To MAC Beauty Counter.

  1. I’m glad you had a wonderful experience at MAC counter’s. I’ve never tested out my local MAC counter in a department store because it is always so crowded with clients. In my opinion, the best customer service I’ve has is in The Body Shop and YSL counter. Great post! 👍 😊

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    1. That is pretty good too. To be honest, I went to MAC counter on Friday afternoon which is little off peak hours and that’s why I could able to put my hands on it but otherwise, as you’ve said, it is very much crowded mostly.

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  2. I never take advantage of any make up counter. Often I find many of the girls who work them to be rude – and often wearing far too much make-up to really make me want to value their opinion! The only exception seems to be the Estee Lauder girls in my town. Of course it varies from town to town and I would really love to have a good experience at a make-up counter. Especially being as pale skinned as I am, it would be nice to get a proper foundation. I’m resigned to just wearing tinted moisturisers now, since i’ve spent so much on foundations that only suit me when I have a tan!
    Zoe Beau. xxx

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    1. Oh really! For me, MAC foundation is a like a big investment at beauty side as it is a little bit pricey and that’s why, whenever I opt for high end products, I always try their products first before proceeding to make a proper purchase; Plus, which I think is a sensible option too.


    2. I totally agree with you as you always can’t end up with good customer service as it all depends on the sales person that you are dealing with. If you get a good sales rep, then you are lucky otherwise, better luck next time. Thanks for sharing your personal experience and I’ve learnt a lot from you. Have a great week ahead dear.


  3. I love going to Chanel counters. The staff are always amazing! The staff at MAC counters here are usually very unfriendly. It makes such a difference when you have a good experience at a counter though. 🙂

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  4. I am very happy with MAC counters! My only complaint is that they’re usually SO busy that it’s hard to find someone to help you. But once someone is available, they’re very helpful and provide samples no issues. I’ve also had a really good experience at a Bobby Brown counter – the MUA did a beautiful makeup look on me and took her time explaining everything. 🙂

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    1. To be honest, so far I haven’t used any product from Bobbi brown which is of course quite strange as most of their products are so much raved all among the blogging community and I think I should make some first step to get into the BB counter pretty soon.

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  5. I agree with you Stashy and I’m one of those that hates to wait and I am very indecisive as well that I’m worried I might make those MUA mad.. HEHE but I also love the fact that you can now ask for samples before purchasing one, really cool!

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    1. Aww! I always don’t hesitate to share my experience and preference to MUA while I’m in any of the beauty counter and I feel, by this way, your MUA will get to know of what actually you are expecting and how they can help you.

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    1. Yes Kristen, I had a wonderful experience with MUA and I also learnt a few tips on how to select a foundation and also, how to test a foundation which seems like a pretty cool idea to learn more about foundation.

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      1. Nice! I learned at the Tarte counter at Beautycon the other day that I have a yellow toned skin vs. pink or red! Glad there are so many professionals to help us figure everything out!

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      2. Yes Kristen and I totally agree with you as their professional experience makes them to identify immediately of what a customer needs and they also act spot on as well and I believe they learn so much through practical experience as they might be serving hundreds of customers everyday. What a cool job, isn’t it?

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    1. I’m so glad that you too had a fab experience with Burberry counter and I would also like to read a post on your personal experience with Burberry counter, so that you could share some of the key tips and tricks with us.

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      1. ahhhh! it happened over four years ago lovely! what I clearly remember was that the SA there did a wearable smokey eye on me and chose a beautiful lip colour… and of course, that lovely sensation… but I can’t remember much about the products and her thechnique! there are no pics either! :/
        I have planned a business trip back to Milan soon! so I will try to squeeze another makeup experience there in! 😉 xx

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    1. Great! I always love to hear when my fellow bloggers share a wonderful experience in the beauty counter. Also, I know as a beauty blogger it is a default situation to take photos, isn’t it?


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