The Beauty Blogger Tag.

I was recently nominated to do The Beauty Blogger Tag by the lovely Sally from Like Sally Bee (Thank you!) and now, I’m really looking forward to answer her questions.

The Rules for this Tag…

  1. Tag the blogger that nominated you
  2. Answer the questions you were given
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers whose blog is about beauty/lifestyle/fashion
  4. Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them

The questions that Sally gave me…

  1. What is your favourite makeup item to buy? And, why? – I love mascaras and my latest buy is Lancome Grandiose Mascara.
  2. Top tips for blogging photography? Three important tips that I need to mention here. Firstly, make sure you use maximum amount of natural daylight (if possible) and then secondly, ensure background setting as light and airy and lastly, use suitable props that helps to enhance the quality of the picture like hue, design or maybe, patterns.
  3. What beauty advice would you give your younger self? That is a good question. Using minimum makeup look and better to use natural products in the skincare line.
  4. Current beauty obsession? Spring is just around the corner and hence, I’m sticking onto my no-makeup makeup look, blush and lip gloss.
  5. Who are your favourite beauty/lifestyle Blogger/Vloggers? When it comes to blogger, I always love to read Vivianna Does Makeup and meanwhile, onto the Vlogging side, I prefer to watch Amelia Liana since I love her entertaining aspects of how she describes her daily musings on beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
  6. Which part of your beauty regimen do you NEVER miss? Morning and evening cleansing routines are an absolutely mandatory for me and that is the one beauty regimen that I never miss.
  7. Do you feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup? Yes, I did before and I will continue to do the same in future as well.
  8. If you could start your blog again, would you do anything differently? Certainly. Because, by now, I have more knowledge on blogging than ever before and hence, I would concentrate more onto blog design and its features.
  9. Does blogging help you with your current career or future career prospects? Currently, that is my go to wish list. Fingers crossed and let’s see how things are shaping up.
  10. What are your social media handles? I want to follow them, if I’m not already. Apparently, I’m very much active on Twitter and Instagram and hence, you could always follow me to catch up all the updates.

I nominate…

Stash Matters


Clarina Beauty

Lizzie Loves Beauty

A Brash Attitude

Fashion And Beauty Obsessed

Glamour Vortex

Confetti And Curves


Styled With Joy

And my questions are…

  1. How often do you use social media platforms?
  2. Have you ever been on a low-buy mode on beauty?
  3. How do you increase the wear time of your makeup?
  4. Which product in your makeup routine do you enjoy the most and least?
  5. Do you do makeup that matches your outfit?
  6. What advice do you give to a beginner blogger who wants to build their blogging audience?
  7. Name 3 Youtubers that you prefer to watch their channels.
  8. How do you share an equal amount of time between your life and blogging?
  9. How do you keep an up-to-date information on beauty that is around the world?
  10. Have you ever participated in a beauty or fashion event? And, if so, name it.




21 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Tag.

  1. Brill answers, love this post huni 🙂 Thank you so much for tagging me, chuffed you thought of me!!!! Have a fab week and will be sure to put this on my ‘To Do’ list – really looking forward to it ❤ XXXX

    Liked by 1 person

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