5 Tips to Keeping Organised

Thanks for giving me this great opportunity to participate in your blog post. Girls! Check out my organisation tips on Claire’s post.


30 Cheap Prop & Background Ideas for Blog Photographs | Blog Advice

I have recently received a lot of emails and comments from people wondering how I stay organised, so it’s obviously a topic people are concerned about. Keeping organised is something that has definitely taken me time to really get the hang of, and staying motivated is a major factor too. We all have our own lives outside of blogging, so it’s all about utilising the time you have and being prepared. These tips are not rules and they do not have to be followed, I love blogging because there are no rules. Use these as guidelines and advice. Happy blogging!

tips-to-staying-organised-how-to-bloggingHave an idea? Create a new blog post and save it as a draft. Any idea is a good idea. This is the first step I always take when I have a ‘eureka’ moment. I am useless when it comes to remembering things so this is a must for someone as forgetful as me. Treat your…

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