What I Got For Valentine’s Day.

Ring, white stone ring, black stone ring, venizi paris

Ring, white stone ring, black stone ring, venizi paris

Well, it’s been a week since Valentine’s Day and I think it’s not too late to bring back those memories into live. Besides, I had a wonderful time on Valentine’s Day and I hope the same from you. Moreover, there is no Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates and a bunch of fresh red roses and to amplify even further, this time I received some absolute real treasures which I could cherish for few more years to come. So, take a cuppa, be relaxed and stay tuned to see all the highlights.

Like weddings and engagements, Valentine’s Day is also a very special occasion to give a beautiful ring to someone you love and for a much surprise, this time I got a black and white stone ring that looks absolutely stunning and elegant. This is quintessential to wear on special occasions and parties and since it is a monochrome stone, it very versatile to adorn your gorgeous finger regardless of the outfit you wear. All in all, this 18 carat gold ring is definitely going to be my statement staple for ever.

Rimmel London, Lipstick, get red that lasts, kate moss, lasting finish lipstick by Kate Moss

I love lipsticks and I received this marvellous Get Red That Lasts lipstick collection by Kate Moss as a gift and I was so elated as over to moon when I saw this goody box in my hands. Oh my! The packaging is bang on with monochrome and red hue running all around the box and the front of the pack has the lovely British super model, Kate Moss with her signature-styled killer looking red lips. Score!

Rimmel London, Lipstick, get red that lasts, kate moss, lasting finish lipstick by Kate Moss

This kit contains not just one but four stunning, lasting finish lipsticks by Kate Moss and the dazzling array of fabulous, fashionable shades captures all the flair, edge and timelessness of Kate’s unique look. So, you could also make your fashion statement with these iconic shades created by Kate Moss. The detailed review with swatches are coming pretty soon.

So, how was your Valentine’s Day? And, what did you get as a gift on the special day? Let me know onto the comment section that is right below and I would love to read your thoughts as always.

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Happy Sunday All!

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26 thoughts on “What I Got For Valentine’s Day.

  1. Gorgeous ring! Cherish it forever! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the Rimmel lipstick set – those are one of my favourite lipsticks at any price point.
    My bf and I just exchange cards – I insist on nothing else. We like to keep thing low key. 😛

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