Khaki Nail Candies.


Happy #ManiModay! Here comes the start of February and I have so many blog ideas that are already been lined up to spruce up the official beginning of the month as Valentine’s day is around the corner and I’m hoping it’s going to be a busy month as the weather is going to be finally getting milder by end of this month (hopefully!). Well, while moving along to the beauty side, today’s manicure pick is from the gorgeous nail shade, khaki green from Seventeen which is definitely a divine hue to galore it onto your nails as on the fashion show runway, there were so many models lined up with khaki nail candies  and for me, a right time has finally arrived to show up this stunning shade onto my nails.

To be honest, khaki is always meant to be one of the coolest nail shade as you could literally able to match up with your khaki outfits such as a bomber jacket, parka hoodie, chiffon blouse, trousers or a suede skirt and so, however you try to pair it up, your sense of fashion style will outshine with excellence.

Colour carnival is a nail range from the brand, Seventeen and it has some of the ravishing colours that works brilliantly well for any time of the year and it works exemplarily well as well and one of the finest nail shade from this range is khaki green which is absolutely a fun colour to splash it onto your nails. The consistency is runny and translucent and hence, it is ideal to coat your nails quintessentially well.


  1. Roll the bottle in your palm to shake well.
  2. Start the procedure with a well cleaned, washed and conditioned nails.
  3. Apply a thin layer of base coat onto your nails.
  4. Then, apply two coats of Seventeen khaki green onto your nails.
  5. Now, apply a single coat of top coat onto your nails.
  6. Rub out any excess bits by running a cotton bud that is previously soaked up with nail polish remover onto the outer perimeter of your nails.
  7. Finally, your nails are ready to show off.

All-in-all, this nail polish is easy to apply, a relatively gorgeous shade for sure and a versatile fun-ful shade that suits for all seasons. Moreover, it is not a flashy shade and hence, it is a compact colour to apply it onto your nails for any occasion. I think this nail colour is a perfect addition to your existing nail polish range and I hope you like it the same as I do.

So, what is your current favourite nail shade at the moment? And, let me know the same into the comment section that is right below and as always, I would to read them.

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16 thoughts on “Khaki Nail Candies.

  1. This is the 2nd time in the last few days I’m seeing khaki nails being mentioned! (here is the other post:
    I have been really into greys lately – creamy light greys that is slightly edgy but still work appropriate. And also navy – but shimmering deep navy that looks like the night sky! I feel they’re both kind of neutrals that can go with a lot of outfits.

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  2. I see myself mentioned in the comments, how fun:) Thanks ladies! I have never heard of Seventeen- from the polish it looks like a good brand though!


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