My Designer Perfumed Body Lotion.



You might have guessed from the topic that what I’m going to discuss today and yes, you are right as I’m totally in love with the latest purchase of Dolce & Gabbana’s Perfumed Body Lotion. Besides, this is like a body lotion that contains perfume as well and also, the aroma of the lotion lingers around your body for a long lasting effect and hence, it is a quintessential choice if you are planning for a dinner date or for any other special occasion and as a bonus, you don’t need to reach for any other perfume while you are on the move as it is already incorporated with fragrance which is always a treat that we all in love with.


Well, while coming to the packaging of the product, it certainly adheres to all the aspects that a designer should have such as a great presentation of the bottle and here, it comes as a milky white coloured bottle which is then enclosed with a gorgeous black cap that has an attention to detail of gold lining at the bottom of it. Moreover, the calligraphic representation of the brand looks absolutely eye catching too. Well, all in all, it marks up to top score.


Furthermore, if you are a kind of person just like me who likes floral scent, then this is the right choice for you as this white hued body lotion has a perfect feminine scented mix of neroli leaves, white amaryllis, white water lily and white daffodil. Also, the freshness from the flowers is an everlasting and mind blowing combo in which anyone could be able to fall in love at first sight.


Besides too, the application of this lotion is pretty simple as it can be slathered onto your hands and legs liberally for an all day long scented feel.

Too, let me know, if you are currently into perfumed body lotions and the same could be able to dropped onto the comment section that is right below and I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views as always. I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and I wish you all have a great weekend.

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