My Bejewelled Designer Lip Balm.


I’m very much aware of the fact that winter hits hard onto our skin like any other season and that’s why I’m quite prepared well for the protection of my skin amidst all other harsh weather conditions. Besides, more than other parts of the body including hands, face and neck, I think lips take its winter stroll at maximum as the supple layer of lips is very sensitive to withstand cold weather conditions which can result in a chapped, winter dry lips that is quite hard to handle when you are on the move. Hence, getting it protected is a mandatory thing for this season. Hence, stay tuned to see more of this.


Well, having seen myself so many brands of lip balms available on the market, still I’m always on a hunt to look for a good, trust-worthy lip balm as always and the one among the best that I bumped onto recently is my bejewelled designer lip balm from the brand Ted Baker London and anyway, who couldn’t say no to this brand? Moreover, I have been hooked up to this brand since long and here comes my quintessential time to grab this lip gem.



Besides, when it comes to the packaging of the product, it really keeps up in line with the quality of the designer brand as the box replicates the pastel shades of spring flowers on the cover that are totally refreshing to eye instantly and it is also very eye catchy too. Then, when you open up the box, it looks like a bejewelled treasure box that is perfect to adorn your dressing table like a small perfume bottle standing elegantly on the table. Next, when you open up the lid, it smells like a splash of cocoa butter washed onto your face and those gorgeous aroma lingers around for long. Then, while moving along to the texture of the product, I could say that it is amazingly creamy and buttery as it has an added ingredient of cocoa butter in it and the consistency is perfect to slather onto your lips which in turn makes your lips hydrated and moisturised all throughout the day.

Furthermore, if you want to have a tour around to my previous lip balm blog post, then you could able to click in right here. Plus, let me know your current favourites of your lip balm and also, you could able to share your latest additions of lip balm wardrobe into the comment box that is right below.

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13 thoughts on “My Bejewelled Designer Lip Balm.

  1. I love all kinds of lip balms and would buy this for the packaging alone. But, now that I’ve learned it works and smells great I have to get this! Thx for the great review as always!

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