12 Beauty Resolutions For 2016.

I totally agree that resolutions are not only restricted to just personal life alone but also, it has to extend its hands onto beauty side too as these foremost principles could unmatchably able to bring a new transformation to the real definition of beauty. Besides, new year always reflects a new beginning and that’s why, this time I am planning to experiment with some of the beauty rules that are beyond my comfort zone as I want to know how much I could able to stretch myself to keep up with new beauty rules. So, let’s see what’s in store for?

Beauty Resolutions:

  1. Contouring and Strobing made centre stage in beauty throughout 2015 and I can’t see anywhere it is going to fade this year too. Besides, I would be over to moon if I master those tips and tricks of those techniques. Anyway, who doesn’t like to sculpt their face as a pro like Kim Kardashian.
  2. There is no excuse when it comes to removing makeup even if you are tired or exhausted and so, I made up my mind to follow the rules of removing makeup everyday without any fail.
  3. Haircare is one of those essential beauty routine that I need to concentrate even more and hence, I’m planning to try no-iron hair days in equal interval of time as this rule could make my hair to breathe for sometime. So, the other best option to go for is naturally curly wavy hair look.
  4. Well, I am not one of those person who can instantly splash a flashy coloured shade onto the lips and that’s why, this year I want to try bold and beautiful lip shades which is definitely away from my comfort level.
  5. Next, I always tend to opt for No-Makeup makeup days here and there and to give it a more zing, this year I would like to add up some natural lip balm onto my lips which is none-other-than, honey which could ideally bring a break to lip gloss and lipstick onto my lips.
  6. Nowadays, with so much damage from UV rays and high pollution, having a SPF factor in skincare and body care is an absolute wardrobe essential and to roll up even higher, this time I want to amp it up as daily care that includes all kinds of weather conditions like rain, sun and winter chill cold.
  7. If you are a beauty lover just like me, then nail care is a must-do regime and applying cuticle oil regularly could bring a healthy balanced to your nails. Also, coconut oil is one of those naturally sourced nail food that one should try for.
  8. Pamper sessions can able to bring a stress-free life and hence, make it as a practice to do frequent hair masks so that it could keep your hair silky soft as always.
  9. Practising DIY face masks every now and then is a well kept beauty secret for a bright glowing skin and hence, make some effort to do it regularly.
  10. Not all are blessed with a natural glowing skin and hence, keeping your body hydrated is absolutely mandatory as it can keep your skin glowing and healthy just like the baby soft skin. So, drink plenty of water every day.
  11. Besides, while moving onto healthy aspects of life, getting a good amount of sleep is very important to body as well as to skin and hence, try to sleep atleast 6-8 hours regularly.
  12. Lastly, fitness gives a major contribution to beauty side and hence, make it as a habit to do fitness 3 times a week which in return could bring a radiantly glowing skin that we all love.

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I hope you all had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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