#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 4.

Image Source: Burt’s Bees

Having a balanced healthy skin is quite a big challenge throughout the year and especially, when it comes to winter months, then it gets harder than ever before and also, it is a studied fact that during winter months, our skin will be at constant radar of harsh windy weather conditions in which our skin needs to have a layer of double protection to bring in all the moisture intact all the time and of course, that is not the only issue to fightback whereas, the other major factor to tackle is vulnerably shivering winter chills that would literally makes our skin unpleasantly dry and hence, giving a tender loving care for our skin is an uttermost priority while undertaking the daily beauty routine and meanwhile, to make our skin a guaranteed protection, it is always wise enough to go for a natural skincare regime.

Burt’s Bees:

Burt’s bees have started their journey right from the early 80’s to until now in producing natural skincare products to their customers and their main goal is to make the world little greener and cleaner. Moreover, during their constant growth of their company, Burt’s bees have been working as hard as a busy bee in delivering quality-oriented natural skincare products throughout these many years so that they could send all the goodness of mother nature to their humongous customer base.

Naturally Bee-autiful Collection Set – Burt’s Bees:

To make our life even more easier, Burt’s bees have recently released a range of eye-catching gift sets that can be used either as a stocking filler or as a special natural skincare gift set to your friends and family for this Christmas; Plus, the best among all of their collections is naturally bee-autiful collection set that comes in a wrapped up canvas of gorgeous cosmetics pouch which includes all the skincare essentials that your face and body needs to get party ready for this Christmas that is from the courtesy of mother nature and Burt’s bees:

  • Wild Cherry Lip Balm – This naturally sourced lip balm contains all the richness of wild cherry that is great to use just after your morning and evening cleansing routine.
  • Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub – This exfoliating scrub is great to use on a washed, cleaned and towel-dried face. What you all need to do is, just take a blob of it into your palms and massage it gently onto your face which will eventually bring a good blood circulation around your face.
  • Facial Cleansing Towelettes with white tea extract – Using with one of these towelettes, wipe off your exfoliated face to get a satin silk glowing face.
  • Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion – This lotion works exemplarily well onto your skin and it sinks in right away without feeling greasy at all and leaves your skin with a baby soft touch.

Have you ever used any of the Burt’s bees products before? If it so, then I would always welcome you to share some of your personal experiences through this blog post.

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14 thoughts on “#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 4.

  1. I tried the cleanser and it left my skin feeling so soft and radiant, however it caused me to break out quite a lot so I had to avoid using it in certain areas. I was gutted because I loved the product!

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