#Blogmas: Natural Skincare Brand To Try This Christmas – Part 1.


Part 1

Christmas is all about following traditions and celebrating and sharing the real taste of love and festivity along with family and friends and hence, during this christmas, why not make an excuse to uplift our regular skincare routine to next level; plus, we all know that there are so many benefits in using naturally sourced products into our daily beauty routine that could literally change the terminology of beauty in a new dimension. Moreover, as only few days left to step into the beginning of new year, let us all make up our mind to make footsteps into the field of natural skincare where our skin is properly taken care of and also, hydrated, moisturised and nourished well all day long. So, this time,  I’ve decided to do a 5 part series which could ideally take us directly to reach the destination of nature adequately imminent. Now, here comes Part 1 of it.

Liz Earle:

Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a well-known British brand that delivers naturally sourced skincare products to millions of customers worldwide and this great beauty icon  was founded in 1995 and the slogan of this brand is, try to suit a skincare product that is embraced by all skin types and also, they use naturally active ingredients in all of their beauty products that is more wise to use.

Apparently, you should not miss to try their limited edition product, that is none other than, cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser sweet orange and mint. Too, this beauty staple can be faultlessly used either as an energising agent in your morning cleansing routine or it could be used as a pampering treat in your evening cleansing routine; plus, the combined flavours of zesty notes of orange oil and the refreshing tones of mint gives your face a quintessential boost instantly.


  1. Moreover, it is so simple to use.
  2. Just squeeze one or two blobs of cleanser onto your palms.
  3. Then, massage it on your dry face.
  4. Next, rinse the cloth with finger touching hot water.
  5. Then, with the cloth, wipe off  your face gently by reaching all over the face and also the hidden corners.
  6. Next, clean your face with normal water.
  7. Now, your face is ready to incorporate some of the other essential components such as serum or face oil and moisturiser.


This cleanse and polish product is also available in two different flavours of pink pepper and mint and eucalyptus and soothing camomile.

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Besides, which type of cleansing beauty routine are you following currently? If any,  you could also share some of the key tips and tricks that you carried out while cleansing your face in your day-to-day beauty routine.

I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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