#Blogmas: Rouge Nails – Hollywood Star Vs London Girl.


Here comes  another episode of #Blogmas that is detoured from the moisturising skincare routine to the gorgeous christmas nails and anyways, for any beauty addict, Christmas is not complete without an ever classic rouge nails updated on their nails; plus, red nails always tend to represent a symbol of feminine love by all means and hence, getting a handpicked red nail polish is as important as a roast turkey for christmas feast. By the way, who doesn’t like to look splendid? Of course, looking sumptuously glam for the party filling festive occasion is a quintessential way to complete the festive day as beauty full.

To be honest, inspiration is the key to success of beauty and especially, in today’s cyber world, sky is the limit to explore. Besides, red nails always talks about the language of luxury and so, getting it customised on your nails could bring an instant old school style right away and that’s why, this time I opted for two different versions of red nails which includes, Scarlett vamp from L’Oreal Paris that inspires you to give a Hollywood styled red nails and Double decker red from Rimmel London that magnetises you to bring a flawless London uptown girl effect instantly.

Scarlett Vamp – L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish:

  • Colour as vampy red
  • Gel based texture
  • Perfect consistency of formula
  • Lasts long
  • Glossy finish
  • Hollywood styled glam look
  • Chip free for few days

Double Decker Red – Rimmel London 60 seconds Super Shine:

  • Hue as letter box red
  • Well pigmented
  • Super durable
  • Chip resistant
  • Smooth and silky finish
  • London uptown girl look
  • Great formula
  • Quick dry
  • Unmatchably shiny


  1. Start the procedure with a well cleaned, washed and moisturised nails.
  2. Apply a single layer of base coat onto your nails.
  3. Then, apply two coats of either scarlett vamp or double decker red onto your nails.
  4. Then, apply a thin layer of top coat onto your nails.
  5. Then, remove off all the excess bits by running a cotton bud that is previously soaked up with nail polish remover onto the outer perimeter of your nails.
  6. Now, your nails are ready to show off.

Best results:

For the best beauty results on christmas day, go for a subtle smokey eye or a natural makeup look and finishing off the look by a gorgeously coated rouge lips and stunningly painted red nails and we all know, nothing could beat this ever classic look forever.

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So, which coloured nail polish are you planning to adorn on your nails on the magical festive day? or which nail art are you currently obsessed with? Just drop in your answers and eventually, I would love to see those fab comments.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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