Bold And Beautiful Brows.


When you hear about the word eye brow, the first thing comes to anyone’s mind is the queen of bold brows, Audrey Hepburn or the modern day bold brow winner, the British super model, Cara Delevingne. As they are the true inspiration to have a current trend of bold brows as we all know, eye brows are the epicentre of fashion symbol to any makeup tutorial and also, there is no makeup is complete without it. Hence, today I will be glancing onto some of the important details and tips & tricks of eyebrows that could literally able to change your beauty routine to next level. So, stay tuned!

Shape your brows:

The most vital step to get a well shaped brow is to maintain the natural shape of brows rather than over plucking them too much. Besides, if you want to trim your brows, either you could use a tweezer that is considered as one of the essential beauty staple as it is so easy to use and also, if you are a person like me who does eyebrow shaping just as complete ease at home, then tweezing is the best option for you. Or, if you want to have a pro-styled brows, then it is a well worth visit to go onto a nearest threading session in any of the beauty salons for every two to three weeks depending upon the growth of your brow.


Just before tweezing or threading your brows, try to buff up your brow with some pressed powder to get good results and also, not to forget to apply and massage your brows either with a few drops of essential oil or a good quality moisturiser.

How to prep-up your brows?

To prepare your brows, you could either use a brow pencil or a brow gel or a  powder brow kit or a brow pen and then, follow on the 6 easy steps that is listed below.

  1. Define your brows.
  2. Fill in your brows and blend well.
  3. Use a spoolie brush for a natural looking brows.
  4. Tips: Remember to concentrate on the brow arch.
  5. Highlight the brow bone.
  6. Use concealer onto the perimeter of your brow for any clear ups.

Brow Care:

Brow care is absolutely essential to get a well maintained brows and always try to adhere to use simple ingredients that is already kept inside your kitchen cabinet and one of the most used beauty staple that is none-other-than, coconut oil that can be easily incorporated in so many ways in your daily beauty routine and hence, it is better to stock up this versatile ingredient as always and if you want to know more information about it, then you could easily jump onto the section right here. Furthermore, just apply a few drops of coconut oil onto your brows and gently massage it just before bed time to get an efficient brow care.

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I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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