Weekend Finds #2: Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara.


If you are a beauty lover just like me, then having a well-versed promising mascara is an absolute must. Moreover, mascara plays a significant role on our eyes just like having a quintessential lipstick on our lips yet hunting for a right mascara is the key. Hence, this time I was on a hunt for a mascara that serves the purpose of mascara and also, has an added source of nourishing factor as well. Furthermore, as mascara being used as a mandatory beauty staple, this time I opted for an award-winning Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara that is perfect to define the much-anticipated dramatic eye look. So, let’s get into it right away.

What do you expect from this mascara?

  • Dramatic evening glam look
  • Voluminous lash effect
  • Lashes look curled with a carbon black finish
  • Intensified effect on lashes
  • Added nutritional source of Keratin and Shea Butter that aids in lash care
  • Water-resistant finish with no crumble or flake
  • Completed lashes look clump free, smudge free, and also, looks thicker and longer too
  • Lasts long and doesn’t fade easily
  • Curved brush lifts and holds your lashes up to 90 degrees
  • Brush applicator assists to spread the mascara onto your lashes evenly
  • Totally fuss-free and easy to remove
  • Two coats are more than enough


  1. Optional: If you want, you could use a lash primer after curling your lashes.
  2. Then, apply two coats of Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara onto your lashes.
  3. Tips: Take an upward movement of the curved brush onto the upper lashes from lashes to end by push, wiggle and stretch movement for a complete application of mascara from roots to end and do the same onto the lower lashes but in downward movement.
  4. Note: Don’t forget to apply even onto the hideout corners of your lashes.
  5. Now, your dramatic lashes are ready to show off.

In further, this mascara has been loved and celebrated by the famous beauty icon Alexa Chung and so, this implies us the real quality of the mascara and hence, why not you also give it a go and explore the inner beauty essentials in just a matter of a second.

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Well, I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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