Giveaway: Evian Facial Spray’s Bon Voyage Sweepstakes.

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Keeping my body hydrated from both inside and out are my absolute beauty imminent and moreover, by drinking plenty of water one could able to keep their body well hydrated inside and meanwhile, to make your skin hydrated, then you could completely trust onto a product that is none-other-than evian brumisateur facial spray.

More about the product:

Evian brumisateur facial spray is a spray mist that brings in a much-needed moisture content immediately onto the sprayed area on the skin as this luxurious spray gives a crystal clear, scentless mist that is fully packed with essential mineral salts as it has a naturally sourced component, mineral water as the core ingredient.

Key factors in a nutshell:

  • Base ingredient as mineral water
  • Spray mist is ph balanced that suits to our normal body pH levels
  • Free from chemical radicals such as parabens, sulphates and phthalates
  • Travel-friendly as it fits faultlessly into your gym bag, beach bag or luggage bag
  • Well compact CAN design protectively prevents the product from leaking
  • Feels light-weight as the CAN is made out of aluminium
  • Spray a desired amount onto your face to get a healthy and radiantly glowing complexion
  • Better to use it on all kinds of skin types even including sensitive skin as well
  • The mineral salts inside the mist gives a well replenished intact of moisture content onto your skin
  • All-in-all, it gives a complete package of moisture retention and simultaneously, refreshes and tones your skin effectively
  • Always keeps your skin to have a soothing and cooling effect
  • Must-have asset in your makeup kit

3 ways to get back the moisture content that is previously lost:

  1. If you living on the other side of the continent like Australia, where it is the start of summer season, then this product is quintessential to use it on a hot and warm sunny day as it instantly rehydrates your sun-burnt skin brilliantly well.
  2. The wind chill condition of autumn season is currently making its presence in UK and hence, to bring back the moisture content onto your wind chapped skin, you could use this product in a great way .
  3. Or, otherwise, if you are a regular customer who workouts at gym, then this product works exemplarily well as this spray when it once hits onto your face, allow it to sit for a while onto your skin until all the goodness of moisture gets absolutely absorbed onto your skin.

Perfect partner along with your makeup routine:

  1. By accidentally, if your makeup tends to be on a thicker side, then help is on the way as it is easy to dilute your makeup with the aid of this spray as you could easily able to adjust the consistency of the makeup as desired.
  2. Also, if you are looking for a precise makeup application and blending the formula correctively, then using this spray, you could ideally dampen your beauty blender perfectly.
  3. Moreover, if you want to enhance your eye shadow colour, then what you all need to do is, just spray a few spritz of it onto your eye makeup brushes for the best eye-catching results.
  4. Finally, if you want to go for a flawless makeup look as fresh as always, then you could hesitantly able to spray several times onto your face in intervals so that it keeps your skin hydrated even without altering or messing your makeup.

Cleanses and Tones:

  1. Use it both in the morning and evening after cleansing routine for better results.
  2. First of all, after your regular cleansing routine, just spray two or more spritz of it onto your face as it even removes the last trace of tap water from your face and in this way, it not only tones your skin but also, it looks like your skin is drenched in water and hence, you could easily skip the toner application too.
  3. After the mist starts to show its true magical power, you could just simply towel dry your face and apply your regular moisturiser to get all the locked in hydration from the spray.
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The Wilkes Group is giving away a Longchamp “Le Pliage” backpack in a stylish, durable, water-resistant nylon topped with a textured leather handle and logo-embossed flap, which retails at $125. It is filled with one 10 oz, one 5 oz and a trio of travel-size evian sprays (over $175.00 total value).

Plus, three runners-up will receive a Longchamp pochette toiletries case, with embossed leather trim in a durable, water-resistant nylon, accented with goldtone hardware, which retails at $50 and filled with a trio of travel-size evian sprays (over $70.00 total value).

You could always enter to win the giveaway right in here.

Disclaimer: This sweepstakes is powered by BrandBacker and hosted by The Wilkes Group Inc. For all other details about #evianspray, you could always jump onto the link:

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