Autumn Berry Nail Candies.


We all know that when blackberries start to pop up, it is the beginning of Autumn season and as we are already residing in the fall season, I thought of nothing could be better than celebrating the same with a wonderful berry shade onto my nails as the colour looks simply gorgeous onto my nails and also, it makes an instant uplift to my overall style statement too. So, while I was on my hunt for a perfect berry nail varnish, I came across the shade Cosmo Berry No.356 from my all-time favourite nail polish brand Barry M Cosmetics. By the way, doesn’t it look like a quintessential berry shade? Marvellous!!!

Cosmo Berry in a nutshell:

  • Basic colour is deep berry
  • Hue resembles more like a deep wine shade
  • Well pigmented and hence one coat is more than enough to apply onto your nails
  • Ideal for bold statement looks
  • Works exemplarily well with an elegant outfit as embellished party dress

Nailed it:

  1. Start the procedure with a perfectly washed, cleaned and moisturised nails.
  2. Apply a thin layer of base coat onto your nails.
  3. Then, just apply one coat of Cosmo berry nail paint onto your nails.
  4. Now, apply a single layer of top coat onto your nails.
  5. Finally, run along a cotton bud that has been previously soaked up with nail polish remover onto the outer perimeter of your nails to take out any excess bits.
  6. Now, your nails are ready to show off.

Moreover, as the party season and Halloween is just around the corner, I would sincerely reckon any beauty lover to have a perfect berry shade into their autumn nail collection as there are so many spooky ways to bring up with a new and awesome halloween theme effortlessly.

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I hope you had a great time in reading this post and as always, I would love to see your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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25 thoughts on “Autumn Berry Nail Candies.

      1. I actually only use nail color during the spring and summer months – giving my toes and fingers time to ‘breathe’ through the winter…but right before I took the polish off this month I had on a beautiful purple blush (OPI Nail Lacquer). I also love light pink and classic red (I don’t have a favorite brand) 🙂

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