Eye Defining Heroes.


You name it and they do it!  Whether you call it as eye definers, eye crayons, kohl pencil, eye pencil or pencil eyeliner, I would certainly say that they are the best beauty companion that I can’t skip into my day-to-day life as they shape and define my eyes precisely and also gives a punch of impulse look instantly. Moreover, these eye definers also makes my life much easier as I could use these friendly beauty tools all year round and it is also so adaptive to match along that suits different seasonal needs and it also helps to sketch my eye look in infinite number of ways each time after use and also, it shows my beauty attire in a completely new way every time and hence, let me show you some of best eye defining shades that I have in store for.

No.7 Stay Perfect:

This shape and define chubby eye crayon in the shade deep purple is quintessential to use it for special occasions as the soft and creamy texture of the formula is so intense that it gives a faultless eyeliner look that is ideal to wear for a long-wearing day. In further, it is also easy to draw your preferred streaks of lines from thick to thin indefinitely and also, the slimness of the crayon stick could be altered perfectly with the aid of an inheld sharpener on the other side.

Maybelline New York Lasting Drama 24H Automatic Gel Pencil:

This thin and sleek eyeliner crayon in the shade bleu saphir has a firm gel like formula where it is able to sketch your eyes flawlessly with the supplemented colour intense look and also, it has an added feature of waterproof factor where you could ideally define your eyes smudge-free for a long-lasting look.

Barry M Cosmetics (Teal):

This kohl pencil from Barry M Cosmetics in the shade teal with No.19 is perfect to draw the gorgeous blue graphic eyeliner look instantly as the super soft texture of the formula works exemplarily well to define the perfect winged eyeliner look. Besides, you could also be more adventurous to play around with this kohl pencil to state a new defined contemporary eye look.

Miss Sporty:

This water-resistant eyeliner in the shade of silver-grey gives a fuss-free eye look each time after use and the content of the formula is so good that it gives you a desired sleek, fool-proof eyeliner look with the total trust of complete satisfaction. Also, as it has the longevity characteristics, it is for sure to give you a long mileage too.

Rimmel London:

This exaggerate water proof eye definer in the shade aqua sparkle with no. 240 is one of my favourite shades as I’m currently obsessed with teal shades and not only I have flare for teal eyeliner alone but also have a ginormous interest onto my teal nail shades as well. Hence, with so much of teal sensation going on in my life, I would certainly say that one can’t never go wrong with this heartthrob shade as the colour itself gives you a cult-classic, dramatic look all the time; plus, a small sharpener and tiny smudger at the back of the pencil will give you a more realistic look mandatorily.

Barry M Cosmetics (Copper):

This kohl pencil from Barry M Cosmetics in the shade copper with no. 29 works at its best with brown smokey eye look as the copper shade could able to literally blends along with the brown shade flawlessly and this pencil can also be used to adorn your upper lash lines with a thin slick line as the quality of the kohl pencil is unbelievably excellent.

L’oreal Paris:

This color riche LeKhol pencil from L’Oreal Paris in the shade midnight black with no.101 is my life saver beauty tool and unlike other eyeliners, this gives you a gorgeous tint of extreme black along with an added factor of strong pigmented look. Furthermore, it is one of the staple that I could completely rely on in my everyday beauty routine and, sometimes while I am in an adventurous note, I would prefer to bring a pro-effect cat eye flicks in just a matter of a second or otherwise, I would stick onto a much more viable under eye liner look.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could always drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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