My Autumn Lipstick Edit.


As we have just now entered into the season of Autumn, it is quite a mandatory thing to get well prepared to welcome the oncoming season with not only just jackets and boots alone but also with the mesmerizing makeup too. Moreover, if you are a serious makeup addict just like me, then replace all of your neutral lip shades with glorious and much brighter shades to the top of your wardrobe shelves; plus, always make it as a habit to watch out for the best bargain grabs and stock up with the new wardrobe of autumn lip shades whenever available. Hence, with that as an inspiration, herewith, I have listed down my autumn lipstick edit. So, let’s get into it right away.

The ever classic lip shade of any season should be none-other-than Scarlett red and I am also a great fan of it too and hence, this time, I opted for Revlon’s Super Lustrous WINE WITH EVERYTHING (520) in pearl finish. This has a mixed shade of cranberry red and pink to it and the pearly finish has a super soft creamy texture that looks super gorgeous on your lips while wearing and it works quintessential as a daily wear as well. Moreover, it is a great alternative to any form of red and if you are not brave enough to go for a fiery red lip shade, then this comes as a perfect answer to it.

Next, the much cooler and must-needed lip shade for any autumn season should be a berry shade and Revlon’s Super Lustrous ICED AMETHYST (625) in pearl finish is an ideal option for this as it gives a nice opaque berry shade to your lips. Besides, this shade can bring an unbelievable pop of colour to your face instantly and in further, as this colour tends to be on the darker side, it works exemplarily well on your everyday natural makeup look.

Last but not least, the lip shade mauve is gaining its highest popularity than ever before and the pretty shade from Revlon’s Super Lustrous BLUSHING MAUVE (460) in pearl finish works at its best along with any kind of your knitwear or sweater. Furthermore, the creamy formula of the lipstick aids to keep your lips moisturised and hydrated all day long and it also comes along with a long-lasting durability too.

Hence, make enough space and align all of these beautiful lipsticks in your wardrobe in this time of the year so that it could cope up well and assist you to adapt with the latest fashion trends.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could also drop in your valuable thoughts and views into the comment section that is right below.

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