My Current Drugstore Favourites.


Having just stepped into the autumn chill and along with change in temperatures, my beauty favourites also changed a bit with addition of some of new beauty products where I could cope up well along with the mighty vulnerable temperature variations. Moreover, it is also a kind of excuse where one could ideally pop into the store to supplement in par matching along with the latest beauty trends. Well, this time, I will be chatting along with you to share some of my current drugstore favourites and hence let’s jump in right away.

We all know, winter chill is not good for skin at all as your skin tends to get bit drier easily and hence to keep up your face nice and moist, what you need is a great foundation which has a quintessential consistency of creamy texture and also able to give an even coverage throughout and that’s where I bumped into my trust-worthy brand Maybelline NewYork, who has an incredible air-whipped, light-weight, mousse-like matte foundation called Dream Matte Mousse. The best part about this mousse is that it delivers a natural looking face each time after application without leaving a cakey appearance at all. Besides, this mousse comes in nearly 14 shades where it covers evenly to all types of skin from light, medium to dark and it is also serves ideal on its own from normal to oily skin too. The other beneficial part is that it works exemplarily well on sensitive skin too as it doesn’t contain any perfume. Lastly, with an added complimentary factor of SPF 15, it can be worn on all kinds of weather conditions.

Even though, there are so many creams available in the market, I always rely onto Rimmel London’s BB cream where it acts as a skin perfecting cream and also gives an unbelievable super makeup results by serving nine essential components including:

  • Moisturises
  • Primes
  • Minimises pores
  • Conceals
  • Covers
  • Smoothes
  • Mattifies
  • Brightens
  • Helps to protect the skin

Besides too, this light-weight formula is ideal to be used as a daily wear and the added source of SPF 25 is perfect for varied seasonal changes too.

Apparently, when it comes to face, I won’t step out of my doorstep without having a blusher on as it gives an instant lift to my face immediately and hence, I constantly hunt for the latest arrivals in the blusher range all the time and one gorgeous find recently is from MUA Professional’s Mosaic Blush in the shade of English Rose. I would say that this pocket-friendly companion works brilliantly well in all kinds of skin types as it has 4 notes of blush colours in it. Furthermore, with just one swirl of this blush onto apple of my cheeks made my life so much easier as it creates the perfect natural looking blush that I always ever wanted for; plus, if you are looking for subtle look, what you all need is just one swirl of it or otherwise, you could build it on as sky is the limit for your imagination.

I hope you had a fabulous time in reading this post and you could also drop in your valuable thoughts and views onto the comment section that is right below.

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