My Luxury Perfume Empties Shelfie.


I love aroma and I adore to wear them as well. Plus, I have to certainly say that I am one of those girls who tries each and every splash of tester perfume that is standing in front of the drugstore perfume aisle with full form of dignity. Besides, I can’t resist myself to get sprayed and spritzed onto my wrists that is perfumed with gorgeous scents of flavoured aroma which is absolutely a treat for me at the end of the day to get to know all about the latest arrivals of the perfume collection. Moreover, right beforehand of my every new purchase of perfume, I always keep it in mind that I finish my old perfume up to the last drop of its contents and hence, having on a hunt for a new perfume that is going to happen in early September, I thought of making a note on the used up perfume bottles that are already empty and so, I am going take this opportunity to show you some of my recent luxury perfume empties and so, let me jump to it right away.

Hugo Boss Femme Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml:

Hugo Boss is a popular brand who sells clothing, accessories and perfumes for men and women and this perfume is literally all about luxury and the bottle is so gorgeous as it looks like a bottle that is filled with a sheer pink liquid. Furthermore, the floral notes of oriental lily and rose petals that is slathered along with the fruity notes of tangerine and blackcurrant and finishing off the captivating aroma with a striking base of musky notes could able to give anyone an instant boost of femininity with a touch of silky smooth finish that is quintessential to wear for any kind of glam-filled evenings. Furthermore, the aroma also lasts longer too.

Live by Jennifer Lopez Eau De Parfum 100ml:

I love celebrity styled fragrances and especially perfume by Jennifer Lopez is one of them and I think talking about this perfume right now is ideal as she recently celebrated her 46th birthday and I think, this is such a pleasure to showcase this perfume at the right time in which the perfume is so playful that is accompanied along with the enchanting notes of sensational aroma that is galored in a stunning bottle of statement hued combinations. Moreover, when it comes to the essence of the perfume, the oriental floral accents that is combined along with fruity notes of orange and red currant and finishing off the scent with a hint of sweetened caramel could able to make anyone to feel as fresh as a daisy. Utterly gorgeous and long-lasting fragranced formula too.

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