Testing: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.


I love samples and especially if it is from Dior, I can’t resist to try it on myself straight away. Yes, today I am testing onto the latest perfume collection from Christian Dior, which is none-other-than Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet*. As we all know, Dior perfumes are meant to be a true reflection of elegant femininity and this perfume didn’t disappoint either as it has all the summer flavours of sweetness and floral packed as a flower bouquet that is right in front of your doorstep. So, let us get deep into it.


Having Christian Dior got inspired by the couture dress that has thousands of floral details all over it, he was thriving ahead to design a sophisticated perfume that resembles similar to the floral details and thus came into the discovery of this latest addition of perfume to the gorgeous Dior perfume portfolio. When it comes to the design aspect of the original Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, it is purely girly with a bow covering to the neck of the translucent bottle that also has a scented aroma of pink water into it and also, covered by a silver spray metal to the top of the bottle, which is then enclosed by a pull-on transparent cover top. So, all-in-all, it is truly as divine as a pink glory.


While testing the sample, I could able to get all the refreshing floral flavours starting with a zest of mandarin essence as top notes and a rejuvenating aroma of peony flowers as heart notes and finishing off sensationally with a hint of velvety glimpse of white musk as base notes. Hence, with all the combined flavours thrown as a fresh bloom of garden essence, I think it is a quintessential perfume that suits for all kind of special occasion.


So, have you tried this perfume before and if you have, what is your take on this gorgeous summer perfume? Moreover, you could always pop into the comment section below anytime to write in about your various views and thoughts.

*Sample tester – Review is completely honest on my own.

Have Sunday FunDay!

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4 thoughts on “Testing: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

  1. I love this scent. I got a little tester from Sephora and it’s gorgeous. But Dior perfumes are usually really pretty. I still wear Jadour all the time too. I am really attached to DIOR anything and everything. They just do it right. Everything is just right. I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

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