What do you prefer? Casual or Boxed Clutch.


Having said that clutch is the girl’s ultimate best companion for any kind of party, today I will be chatting along with you on my take on clutches. So, personally, what do you prefer? A casual or a boxed clutch. Moreover, recently, you might have seen on the runway of fashion weeks where the gorgeous models were walking along the runway with various themes of clutches that includes from regular to envelope clutches and from boxed to geometrical clutches as the design aspect of clutches have been taken to another level yet still maintaining the importance of the party-themed orientation effectively. Furthermore, when it comes to me, I will always accessorise my clutch in such a way that it quintessentially matches along with my outfit and it also depends upon what kind of occasion I am going to and hence, with a little knowledge of the latest style trend, I am sure, you could be able to make your clutch as a centre stage of fashion.


Anyways, I should admit that I have a current obsession of boxed clutch as my statement staple and the reason behind is: one, it is the latest arrival to the fashion world that is rocking all the fashion lovers including from celebrities to A-listers and secondly, it has also straightly entered onto my wish list right after the recent fashion show as well. So, what is special about boxed clutches? By the name, you must be well aware that the clutch is shaped as a box and it also looks elegant with all the mirrored effect of glittery details all over it and further, it is so handy and compact yet still it can hold zillions of your must-have superlatives like phone, pocket makeup and many more miniature accessories. Hence, having ticked all the boxes of fulfilling the optimum essentials, I think one can’t deny the versatility of this clutch and last but not least, it also completes your outfit with a chic, glam and well-tidied look.

So, if you’ve found any new additions to your clutch collections, then you could always pop onto the comment section that is right below.

Happy Saturday!

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