My 2-in-1 Dior Addict Fluid Shadow.


Recently, I have been on a hunt to a high-end product and with all excitement carried away, I landed upon to Dior beauty since the much-raved about beauty products from Peter Philips’s beauty campaign for Dior has already landed in-store and when you look keenly into the products, one could be sure of his genius master work in delivering quality beauty products to customers. Furthermore, as the level of expectancy is high from his latest collection, I think the beauty pro has shown up his magical power in creating the most gorgeous eyewear range. Hence, let me give you a sneak peek of the product right away.

With so much of beautifully packaged makeup galore laid inside the prettily arranged mirrored containers around the store and also, a giant massive screen showing up all the beauty edits straight from the runway, I couldn’t even resist a single bit to take my eyes away from it and with an extensive search from all the beauty components, I finally made up my mind to stick onto a particular product which I have never tried before that is none-other-than, Dior Addict Fluid Shadow Cosmic No.275 that has a dual purpose of eyeshadow and eyeliner.


Well, while coming to the packaging, I am completely satisfied as the beauty product is well packaged in a glossy rectangular silver box that fits quintessentially like a glove to enclose the beauty product and when I tried to open the box, it opened effortlessly and there came the attractive product just like the beauty in a bottle and moreover, the enclosed silver top gives an overall touch of elegance to match the high-end product look.

Basically, the fluid shadow is divided into two components as the bottom part contains the alluring fluid shadow and the top part as the brush applicator wand which resembles very much similar to a nail polish brush yet the brush is so soft and smooth that you can’t even feel while on the application of the content onto your eyes and there is no scare of strokes of lines while you apply it onto your eyes as the bristles are technically designed well to fulfil the purpose effectively.


While coming to the application, you could either define a thin streak of line around the lash line as a eyeliner or draw the fluid shadow covering the eyelid entirely to give a well pigmented gorgeous look and you should certainly close your eyes for a few more seconds to allow the fund to dry up and give a mirror like shininess which is perfect to scan the light when it hits straight onto your eyes while you are on a special occasion; plus, if you want to have more tint of it, then there is always room to add up another layer of it to finish off your eye look as desired. The other important element to be noted down here is, one has to use the applicator alone and not to use fingers as it has an optimal drying power which makes the shadow to stay onto your eyes instantly. Further, the benefitting part is that it doesn’t transfer or smudge onto your eyes later ahead and hence it is fuss-free and the product is designed in such a way to use this product exemplarily as a long wear which is perfect for any kind of parties, evenings or special occasions.

So, that’s all about the wrapped up content of the product right now and also, you would be more pleased if you use this product onto your eyes.

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2 thoughts on “My 2-in-1 Dior Addict Fluid Shadow.

    1. It just works on its own and it is a must to use the applicator brush as it is well pigmented even with a single layer and the most important factor is that you should allow to dry it for a bit unaltered and to get a maximum effect, don’t use your finger at all as it might get patchy since it dries off pretty quick but hats off to the well concentrated pigmentation.

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