Emerald Jewelled Nail Candies.


Today, I am totally in a mermaid mode as I am on a journey to an imaginary land that is quite under the deep blue sea and swimming around like a mermaid and flapping my wings like a fish here and there. Oh! You must be wondering why I am screaming about mermaid tales here and the answer to this is as there is a connection and whenever I think about mermaids, three things always come straight into the picture like an instant which includes princessey feel, treasure box and glittering jewels. This time with a twist, I thought to bring that inspiration straight into my nails as well. So, let’s get directed right away.


Albeit the nails look glittery, it doesn’t represent like a five-year-old’s confetti glitters in any way but, it sets your nails get ready enough into the party mood instead. Moreover, the theme is fun and playful and also, it is so versatile to swap around your nails either as a main shade like me or just get restricted to just one nail alone whereas the other nails can be painted as yet another summer colour. Yes girls! The decision is all up to you because you are the sole creator and sky is the limit to bring the true essence of summer into your nails.


If you are a nail-art addict like me, then you should definitely pop into your nearest Accessorize store as they have poured in a new range of quality beauty products that is a quintessential alternative for any high-end product and each and every bit of their beauty stuffs genuinely speaks about the real quality of beauty that too at a very affordable price tag. So, recently, I have been on a cosmetic raid to Accessorize shop in Liverpool Street, London and truly, I just want to give a pat onto myself for the great work done by me in a bit of matter of waiting time just before the train arrival. Yeah! Even though, there were extensive versions of beauty goodies out there, this glittered Accessorize’s Forever Emerald No.12 nail polish caught into my drooling eyes straight at first sight. Well, I have no excuse and I took it right away to the bill counter to grab this emerald jewel as mine as this looks like a powdered emerald in a bottle. Gorgeous! I think, one can’t stay away from this amazing colour and the consistency is also so good and it glides smooth onto your nails as an another layer that glistens with glee forever.


While coming to the application, it is pretty straight forward.

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly washed and cleaned nails.
  2. Apply one coat of Boots essentials base coat onto your nails.
  3. Then, apply one or two layers as light or thick you want on your nails (here, I applied two coats).
  4. Finish off with Boots essentials top coat.
  5. Take off any excess bits with a cotton bud that is dipped with Sally Hansen’s nail polish remover.
  6. Note: Don’t forget to allow two minutes of drying each time after application of fresh new nail enamel onto your nails.

Yes, you heard it right. It is that easy peasy. Hence, give it a go and I am sure, your summer will be as glittering as a jewel.

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