Pocket-Sized Smokey Eye Kit.


In this day-to-day busy life, everyone prefers to have pocket friendly items and I am not in exception either since I am a great lover of miniature ultimates. Moreover, as a keen passion for compactness, I always tend to spend money on space-saving products that are wallet friendly as well and that’s where I bumped into this gorgeous postcard themed, book-shaped London Pocket Set from Accessorize, which has a collection of matte and glitter eyeshadow that could flawlessly able to create the perfect black smokey eye look, which is also ideal to be worn for parties, festivals or any other special occasions. So, are you eager to have a look onto this beauty goody? Then, here is the way to go.

Having said that first impression is the best impression, this beauty product really acclaim the full credit of this saying as I fell in love with it at first sight and the packaging of the product itself is so eye-catching with features of landmarks, and stamps and also, plentiful of drawings like flag, floral and butterflies and the whole scenario has been calligraphed sensibly with true perfection. All I could say is that one can’t able to take off their drooling eyes from this exemplary goody and to make our life even more better, Accessorize has two different collection theme sets with one as London and the other as Paris and both of them looked utterly relevant which could also make a varied smokey eye look of black and brown hues.


Furthermore, when I just opened the set, the vibrant colours made an instant pop of colours to my eyes straight away and also, I could imagine myself trying out numerous variations to make different looks of smokey eye effect. Besides too, the box contains two gorgeous shades of grey and black as matte hues along with other four shades of shimmery colours that could finish off the smokey eye look quintessentially.


While coming along to the eye shadow swatches, all the tints looked well pigmented even though it comes under the best budget buy category and the texture of the product seemed silky smooth as it just glides onto your fingers fuss-free when it is just got swiped. Hence, I would recommend to anyone who wants to taste and test their smokey eye learning skills right from basics as it makes a gorgeous smokey eye collection set without any fault and that too, with a mere spend of £6. So, what else could you ask for? Hence, have a roll on girls! and there is no wonder, you would be much appreciated and rewarded for your beautiful arty eye work.

In addition, if you’ve been on a recent hunt for smokey eye palette, which one did you opt for? and why did you pick that product? Also, you could type your answers that can be popped onto the comment section which is right below.

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