Summer-hued ombre nail candies.


I love nail art and if it has ombre effect along with it, then I am in heaven. These ombre effects are so gorgeous and eye catchy too plus the surprising fact is that it is so easy peasy to do. Moreover, as today is Friday, I think it is a quintessential time to bring some fun and playful sentiment to go on to cover the whole weekend with plentiful of colour and creativeness. Furthermore, nowadays, nail art doesn’t restrict to celebrities and A-listers alone, but instead, all the beauty lovers are willing to spend their valuable time to bring in some creativity to their nails. Hence, let us see how today’s tutorial is going to conquer the flavours of summer in our nails.

Products that are used:

  • Boots Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit (White Nail Polish)
  • Barry M Quick Dry Speedy Purple
  • Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Sugar Plum
  • Barry M Quick Dry Coral Shimmer
  • Cite London Top Coat
  • Cello tape
  • Sponge (cut a 2 inches rectangular piece)
  • Cotton buds
  • Nail Polish Remover


How to do ombre nail effect?

  1. Start the procedure with the freshly cleaned and washed nails.
  2. Apply the base coat onto your nails first.
  3. Cover the perimeter of your nails with cellotape.
  4. Now, apply a single layer of Sally Hansen’s white nail polish onto your nails. The reason for applying white polish is to make the hues to standout sensibly.
  5. Then, take the sponge and apply three layers of nail polish one after the other by starting with Barry M’s purple nail polish first, then followed by Barry M’s sugar plum and next by Barry M’s coral shimmer. Apply the layers with liberal amount of nail polish onto the sponge so that when it is pressed onto your nails, it looks like well pigmented.
  6. Now, press the sponge firmly onto your nails.
  7. After that, apply the Ciate London’s top coat.
  8. Then, peel off the cellotape.
  9. Now, take out any spillage or wastage around the outer circumference of your nails. Well, this can be achieved by dipping the cotton bud into nail polish remover and by running the cotton bud around the perimeter of your nails.
  10. Note: Don’t forget to dry your nails for 2 minutes each time after every fresh coat of nail polish.
  11. Now, your nails are ready to show off.

These ombre effect nail candies are so easy to make and I would recommend to anyone who wants to make a stepping stone into nail art fuss-free.

Keep up the Friday feeling!


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