My latest additions to my hairline beauty.


So, how many versions of hair type do you know? I know – beach waves, straight hair, curly hair and many more and whatever may be your natural hair but to keep it safe and sound, one always need to have a trust worthy hair product; plus, it is also a known fact that women give much importance to hair care product like they do care for their skin care essentials as well and hence, herewith, I am going to showcase my latest additions of hairline products that are more affordable and also full of natural goodness too.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner – Honey Treasures:

Hence, whenever you hunt for a good conditioner, what are the essential components that you might look for? Let me explain: nourishing element, natural goodness and no artificial parabens and this conditioner has all these three elements in it and that’s why I am so happy to try this Garnier Ultimate Blends nutritious conditioner to apply onto my hair regularly that could also leave my hair silky soft and healthy looking hair every time when I use. So, let us pop into the first element which has both the properties of nourishment and also natural goodness, which is none-other-than, honey and we all know honey is not only good for skin but it is also great as a hair conditioner too and that’s why, this product brings an instant lift of strengthened, healthy balance of hair from root to tip even after first time use and also, it has a gorgeous scent too. Plus, this product has additional source of royal jelly and propolis, which takes care of hair against any breakage or split ends. Furthermore, the other fascinating fact is that this product doesn’t have parabens at all, which is really great for a hair product because adding too much chemicals onto hair is not right at all.

How to use:

Just apply this conditioner onto the shampooed hair and leave it for 3 minutes while you are on the shower so that your hair absorbs all the richness and nutritional contents from the product and then wash and rinse with tap water and later towel dry it. After that, you could either blow dry or air dry your hair as per desired.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

Pantene Pro-V Dry Oil With Argan Oil:


I love oils especially when they are in dry form as it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or greasy or clumsy at all and that’s where recently I bumped into Pantene Pro-V dry oil with argan oil where it has a supplementary source of argan oil along with it too. Besides, I have testing and trying this product for a week now and also, I could see visible results of smoothness and shininess to my hair. Besides too, each time after application, it kept my hair hydrated and moisturised all day long and also, it was kind to my scalp too as it didn’t leave any itchiness at all.


How to apply: 

What I all did was, I tried to apply three squirts of this oil onto my towel dried damp hair and then later combed and blow dried it and then, my hair looked sleek with gorgeous glowing shine too. Moreover, one cannot go wrong with this product as it is super dry to use that you could hardly feel that oily nature onto your hair but instead it keeps your hair shining long-lasting.

So, here comes to the end of the post and I hope you could try these products onto your hair too.

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