My Must-Have Drugstore Beauty Haul.


The weather was so great last week with radiant sun glowing gloriously and hence, I made my shopping spree journey to the drugstore  where I didn’t splurge a lot but I was sensible enough to pick up some of the best products that were on offer and also, some of the products that were on the pre-catagorised shopping list too. Moreover, the ultimate feeling that you experience while you purchase a product at a bargain price is totally unbelievably good and also so satisfying that definitely one should feel those golden moments at least quite often in their lifetime and hence, let me jump in straight away to see what are the high street gems that I have picked up on.



Sally Hansen’s French Manicure Kit:

I am one of those women out there who wishes to do manicure and pedicure simply ease at home instead of queuing up in a line in front of the nail salon and to make my life even easier, I just selected this gorgeous Sally Hansen’s French Manicure kit that contains a salon perfect two nail shades, which is natural white that is ideal to make french white tip and another as sheer opal that is quintessential to give a natural looking base nail colour. Also, I can’t wait to try this onto my nails to give such a classical look that is exemplary for weddings and sleek parties too and also, you will be getting plenty compliments for your hard-worked french manicure that too you have achieved just in a matter of time.


Rimmel London Salon Pro No.135 Frankie, My dear:

This nail colour just grabbed my eye balls literally as I have been searching for nice glowing gold shade for quite long time and it just happened this time and I didn’t even want to waste a minute to get it and hence I dived in straight away. Oh my! The texture is so fantastic, the density is so thick and the shine looks so glossy. Furthermore, I can imagine myself wearing those pretty shades onto my nails like a rocking golden star. Besides, the highlighting part why I bought this nail varnish is, I want to practise a nail art theme in which I could incorporate this nail polish along with the french manicure kit so that it can take the french manicure to one step level up. Additionally, the bottle looks so classy and the crown symbol at the top makes a royal feel too.

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing wipes:

As I was really running out of cleansing wipes, this item was onto top of my shopping list and hence, without a second thought, I just obtained it straight away. Besides too, there were other features in this product which attracted me too and to point out some of the characteristics, let me list down right now:

  • It is great for sensitive skin.
  • You can use this wipes to take out any mascara as it can be able to use it on your eyes to remove makeup and also, these wipes are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested as well.
  • It also removes waterproof makeup.
  • It has micellar technology and silk fibres too and hence, it should be kind to your skin.
  • The most important part is, it is free from fragrance, alcohol and colourants.


Miss Sporty Studio Colour Quattro Eye Shadow No. 412 Army Style Smoky:

This captivating quattro eyeshadow set is fabulously beautiful with stunning looking tints of green and taupe and I already have an eye makeup in my mind to try out using this set and I am sure the eye makeup will certainly going to come out irresistibly good as well. Plus, when I just swatched with my finger, the pigmentation of the eyeshadow looked so good and it was supper creamy too and hence, it is perfect to bring a vibrant and intense smokey eye look. Finally, I am sure, it won’t take too long to put my fingers onto these shades to play with it.

Here comes to the end of the beauty haul and also, more posts are going to come along and hence, stay tuned to get all the latest updates and you could also catch me onto social media and other platforms like Twitter // Instagram and Bloglovin’ too.

Now, let’s all have that Friday feeling!


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