More than 1150 words you need to know about mascara.


Just like other women out there, I am also a great fan of Barbie doll since from my childhood days to right now and the first thing that anyone could ideally figure it out when you look keenly onto the Barbie doll is the fluttering eye lashes that opens up and closes with delight and glee when you move and wiggle around the doll and as a typical pinky girl, I can’t deny the fact that I always wanted the same fluttering sensation to my lashes too and hence, with much of anticipation, today I will be strolling you on a globetrotting journey to find out a sensible way to achieve the fuller looking eye lashes as a mere comparison of Barbie doll lashes.

Talking tales about mascara:

As we all know Hollywood plays a humongous part when it comes to either makeup or eye makeup and also, the professional artists over there have been working for years and years to recreate different looks from past to present and the one particular Hollywood actress that I want to mention here while talking about mascara is the most popular Audrey Hepburn who was well proclaimed to have the best voluminous feather like flutter lashes that anyone could easily grab attention to it. Plus, her styles were unbelievably elegant and even now, the famous celebrities to A-listers try to represent and imitate her look wholeheartedly in a diverging way. Besides too, I have heard that in those days, makeup artist have used to work on each and every lash of Audrey Hepburn’s to give a rocking look and this explicitly confirms us how important were the lashes taken care of.


Basic steps to achieve a fuller lash effect:

As we are all residing in summer months, we all know how popular is the No-Makeup makeup look is and it is hitting the internet and spreading like a fire all around the world via web servers and it is also a known fact that the no-makeup makeup look is subjected to stick onto a minimal makeup routine and even there, mascara is not let out since the mascara gives the highlighting part and it tries to open up the eyes as all the other makeup essentials are restricted to little. So, now let’s see how to attain the fuller lashes effect in general.

  1. Start the mascara routine by holding a tissue that is quite close to the bottom of the lower lashes and this step is a salient characteristic as any spillover of mascara from the lashes will be effortlessly safeguarded by the paper tissue and I have seen this beauty trick visibly during on my trip to London Fashion weekend on the early Spring time, where the beautician was trying to incorporate this technique while working onto one of the customer lashes.
  2. Now, close your eyes completely and coat a layer of mascara onto the top part of upper lashes and if you want to go for more intense look, then go for one more coating and in this way the top part will be fully prepared to perfection.
  3. Then, open up your eyes and do the upward movement of PUSH, WIGGLE AND STRETCH onto the upper lashes starting from the roots to the end and do the same procedure to the lower lashes too but instead do the movement downwards.
  4. After that, don’t forget about the corner lashes which is mostly unnoticed by many and the thick coating of mascara is achieved by working the brush vertically upwards so that each and every lash is taken into consideration.
  5. Then, if you want still more dramatic eye lash effect, you could always able to do multiple coats for giving a fuller lash effect.
  6. Now, once all the mascara coats are done, just take the eyelash comb and run it through both the lashes to clear out any clumps that might have appeared before.
  7. Another trick to get a fuller lash effect is to draw the upper and lower waterline with black eyeliner pencil which could also makes your eyes to pop out immediately and it also projects your lashes to look darker, lengthier and thicker.
  8. Additionally, you could also use waterproof mascara on top of the regular mascara to give a high durability of mascara onto your lashes.
  9. Last but not least, you could also use an eyeliner flick at the outer corner of the eye so that you could imitate your lashes as a fuller looking effect.
  10. Finally, take off the paper tissue that you were holding under the lower lash line all throughout until the end of the application and now, the fuller looking fluttery lashes are ready to show off.

Great Tip: If your mascara got clogged up and you couldn’t able to take the formula out, then you could get it quintessentially by blowing the hot air from the hair dryer onto the mascara tube so that the solid formula could flawlessly turn the contents inside to liquify and in this way, you could also keep your mascara for long-lasting purpose.

Recycle the old mascara brush:

There are so many ways you could recycle and reuse the old mascara brush when it comes to the beauty side and also, it has a tremendous amount of usability too and the first job what you all need to do is a bit of clean around the brush to take out all the debris that were sticking onto the brush and this could be attained by cleaning the brush with warm soap water which is then followed by rinsing and drying. So, let’s see a bit more of it in detail.

  • Use it as a eye lash comb so that it could effortlessly takes out any clumps that are already lying onto the lashes and also, which could literally aids you to separate the lashes too.
  • If you had a bad hair day, no worries at all as help is just on the way as you just spray some hairspray onto the old mascara brush to take out any frizz on your hair and you could achieve this by running the brush on both sides that starts from the mid section of your hair and you could do the same method onto the hair around your ears too and in this way, you could tidy up your hair exemplarily.
  • Use it as a spoolie brush to shape up your eye brows.

So, now you must have come to know about the tips and tricks of mascara that were originally used by professionals to makeup artists since years and years ago.

Furthermore, if you have any more tricks and tips that you have been using it and known to you for a long time, then you could always feel free to share your contents on the comment section below.

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Happy Tuesday all!


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