Herbal Vs Cocoa Butter Beauty Therapy.


Having said that skin care is one of those most important beauty routines to be carried out regularly, I always keep in mind to stick onto a product which is sourced with cruelty free components and plant-based beauty supplementary ingredients and that’s where recently I bumped onto these two skin care care goodies, Palmer’s cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E concentrated cream and Baylis & Harding skin spa herbal therapy rich intensive body cream, which is very effective to be part of your skin care regime when you are in an urgent need of TLC to your skin. Plus, as these products are resourced with nutritional elements, your skin will also absorb those essential thirst quenching food instantly and keep your skin feeling supple and soft throughout the day.


Importance of skin care:

  • Good quality products are always a predominant factor in skin care since your skin absorbs those moisturising lotion onto your skin and sticks it onto your skin throughout the day and make it also makes a sensible matter of fact that how much important it is to use a reliable trustworthy product onto your skin.
  • There was a situation when women used to take a major care when it comes to facial care but now, we are living in a generation where taking care of your skin is absolutely a necessity thing as it shows the quality of the lifestyle that you are living in and also, it explicitly showcases how much trendy and stylish you are.
  • Another humongous issue is the pollutant environment that we live in and also, the hazardous weather conditions that we need to dealt with in our everyday day-to-day life and it is certainly a vital factor to take care of the skin and get your skin protected against those hot sunny summer days, utterly cold winter days and breezy stormy autumn days.
  • Last but not least is the age factor which happens to all kind of skin tones and skin types and it periodically deteriorates as time flies too and hence, it is an ultimate part to take care of our skin from those vulnerable situations that happen uncontrollably in our lives.


Palmer’s concentrated cream:

Palmer’s concentrated cream has a rich and luxurious cocoa butter formula that is enriched with edible source of Vitamin E which is ideal to be used from young to adult and it is also a bag-friendly cream that can literally hardly take any space in your handbag. Hence, let us jump into this product straight away.

  1. As this cream is concentrated and also free from paraben and phthalate, it is ideal to used onto the eczema prone skin where the skin needs to be taken care for special attention.
  2. Your skin gets dried up easily on the affected areas like elbows, knees and feet and hence, keeping that area to be hydrated is a salient feature and so, apply this cream onto those parts regularly.
  3. Even though the cream is super concentrated but instead, when it is applied onto your skin, it absorbs right away and it hardly takes a few minutes to complete the task fully.
  4. There is also a saying that this cream also smoothes your scars and marks too.
  5. As it is getting warmer each day, getting your skin protected from those harmful UV rays is a must and this cream aids in all possible ways to sooth your skin after severe exposure from the sun.
  6. When this cream is applied onto your skin, it keeps your skin moisturised throughout the day.
  7. Finally, as it has commendable factors such as cocoa butter and vitamin E, it keeps your skin looking polished and shiny throughout the day while in use.


Baylis & Harding skin spa – herbal therapy:

As the name says, it has dominant factors of plant-based naturally sourced ingredients including mulberry, hollyhock and thyme which in turn assists your skin keeps rejuvenated each time while in use. Hence, by taking all these into consideration, now let’s see where it can be used onto your skin.

  • Your skin will be at bliss when this cream is applied onto the neck area.
  • This cream is great when it is applied onto your shoulders too and also, your clavicle bones looks shining and hydrated when you expose your shoulder skin while you were wearing an off shoulder dress or top.
  • This must-have cream also loves to moisturise your elbows, arms and knees too.

All-in-all, my skin loves these two quality skin creams and both smells gorgeous too and so, if you are a regular user of quality skin care products, then comment in the section below with some of your must-have quality skin care products as well.

Happy Monday all!


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