My latest discovery of waterproof eye liner.


As we all know, from beauty technicians to professional experts and from teen to beauty-loving women, all of them have been using those thin slick eye liner pens for years and years now and there is no wonder, just like me, women have been looking and hunting for the best known product which are prone to high usability, flexibility and also easy handling of the product and that’s where comes in my latest discovery of L’Oreal Paris Waterproof Super Liner Black Lacquer that ticked all the boxes including super sharp sponge tip, precise line application, waterproof feature and also, long-lasting factor.


Characteristics of the product:

The packaging of this black-coated, cylindrical product is so thin and sleek which has an easy screwable tube to the top and a liquid content to the bottom which in turn is also divided by a gorgeous gold lining that runs across the circumference of the tube. Furthermore, the highlighting part of golden calligraphic written details on the product gives a completely luxury look too. Besides, when you open the screwed top, you could visibly see the delightful attribute of super soft sponge tip that is standing with dignity as sharp and precise.


Trademark thin lines:

The wow factor of this product is the attributional feature of making a well-defined precise line and while in use, it didn’t disappoint me either. Too, when you just manoeuvre this product across the lash lines, it makes an incredible variation of pre-defined lines as per the requested requirements and the benefiting feature of the shape of the sponge makes the lines to be more versatile and easy to handle as the absorbing capacity of the sponge gives a straight forward super defined lines that are super precise and fine.

Water proof quality:

As the temperature rises and silver mercury levels soaring with numbers, there is always a possibility of getting your eyes drowned to smudging which could also end up with your eyes looking like panda eyes as no one prefer to have but instead, this product gives a bang on answer to all those crucial issues and makes your eyes look happier than ever. Additionally, the well-defined lines are long lasting too as it has an additional feature of waterproof technology, which assists to retain the eyeliner on your eyes forever and also, aids your eyes far from smudging away as well. Last but not least, this product helps to keep those pre-defined lines protected from those warm sunny days and keeps your eyes untouched throughout the day.

All-in-all, it is such a great product for anyone and also, don’t need to worry about any smudging or running while at work too.

Happy Sunday All!


13 thoughts on “My latest discovery of waterproof eye liner.

    1. First of all, thank you so much for the nomination and I haven’t used Stlia liquid liner previously but instead, I have tried eyeliner from Maybelline NewYork and Rimmel London before which I liked that too.

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