Barbie pink nail candies with green strawberry dots.


Pink nails are so popular and it is raving with huge demand for this season and hence, with all that in mind, I just went to explore on a journey to get deep into the roots that could make me way to reach the destination of Barbie pink nail candies; plus, as a girl, we all are well-known of Barbie right from the early childhood play days and also, no one could able to erase those wonderful memories that too even when you get older and that’s why, having that as an inspiration, I started to recreate my new version of nail art which could combine all the flavours of summer including colour, theme and essence. Hence, with no wasting of time, eureka! I got an idea and that’s where I landed onto “Barbie pink nail candies with green strawberry dots”. This nail art design is so effortlessly easy to do and follow and so, let’s get started.


Choice of summer hues:

As sun is hitting harder with silver mercury levels rising, there is no shortage of ravishing colours from mother nature and hence to stick onto colour and also to reflect the theme, I opted for pink and green, where the first hue is dedicated especially for Barbie, which is a universal defined colour and the latter one is purely for the strawberry shape and the luscious green grass that is spread all across the field like a green bed throughout summer.


Products and Tools:

  • Revlon multi care base+top coat
  • Barry M sugar-plum No. 513 nail paint
  • Lakme colour crush green
  • Barry M No.429 matte nail paint
  • Boots cotton pads
  • Boots cotton buds
  • Cutex nail polish remover
  • Coconut oil

How to do this nail art?

  1. Start the nail art with freshly prepared clean nails.
  2. Then, apply a thin layer of Revlon multi care base+top coat onto your nails.
  3. Now, apply two layers of Barry M sugar-plum nail paint onto the first four fingers and thus, leaving the pinky finger not painted.
  4. After that, apply two coats of Lakme colour crush green onto pinky finger.
  5. Then, using doting tool from your nail art kit (tip: you could also use small kebab sticks instead), take the green nail polish and make some strawberry dots onto the ring finger which could be faultlessly achieved by making three adjacent dots that are connected to each other – yes, you heard it right as it is that super easy nail art to do.
  6. Now, apply a thin coat of Barry M matte nail polish on top of each nail.
  7. Not to forget, always leave drying time of two minutes after each application of nail polish.
  8. Then, take off any excess nail polish onto the sides of the nail using Boots cotton buds that are already soaked up with Cutex nail polish remover.
  9. Take few drops of coconut oil and apply onto your fingers as a nail food.
  10. Finally, take off any excess oil with Boots cotton pads.

Yes, the nail art is done and seriously, the matte finished pink nails look exactly like a mirror reflection of Barbie pink dolls.

Wimbledon Tennis season has already started and I think, this nail art could literally match with any kind of summer dress which could also makes you to appear as so girly and posh and hence, if you are a spectator in the Wimbledon match, then don’t forget to catch up with this routine and there is no doubt that you would be getting plenty of compliments for your flawless manicure too.

I hope you like this routine and you could also comment in the section below.

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Happy Tuesday all!


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