My luxe obsession of colourful confetti nail candies.


When it comes to summer, it’s all about the ravishing colours which are sprinkled everywhere that covers the entire season. Plus, you must have known the fact about the two famous companies who recently celebrated their own label of cosmetic range in a modern way and they are none-other-than, Chanel and Topshop. First, when you look on to Chanel, the high-end market competitor who started selling its brand new “It nail polish collections” fives years back who also made all the luxe-loving people to reach an uncontrollable level of excitement for nail polish shades whereas, the other company to be noted for is the high-street champion, Topshop, who also made a successful debut makeup collection five years before and also their products were reasonably priced and kept much affordable in a way that you don’t need to watch for the price tag that you buy. So, by compiling the above two facts altogether, it is well enough to know that both companies worked harder in a unique way to conquer millions of customers as their product buyers and hence, with all at back of my mind, today I am going to show you my celebration-mode confetti nail candies that can suit for any festive occasions to come in the mere future. So, let’s get started.


Nail art:

I am a great fan of nail art and when you think about nail art, there are so many intricate designs and patterns that you need to be taken care of and also, it is a time-consuming process as well and hence, if time is the issue for you then it is a definite no-no although it is such a pleasure to garnish your claws with fabulous display of drawings onto your tender loving nails. On the other hand, painting your nails with just a hint of monotone hue might seemed to look like a boring situation sometimes and that’s the reason, this time I opted for a much interesting eye-catching pattern that is fancy and also not a rocket science that is difficult to handle for.


Why did I choose confetti nails?

  • The first thing is that the design that you could achieve is as easy as even a five-year old can do it as it is not like a flower design that you need to do it on your nails in the nail salon which would cost more than what you expected.
  • The pattern is confetti themed and hence it is shiny albeit it is not as shimmery as a seven-year-old’s boxed glittery nail polish that comes along with the kid’s magazine as a gift.
  • It has a hint of sparkle yet looks completely elegant and stylish that could effortlessly ticks all the boxes of festive moods.
  • Another reason is that confetti nails are very well adorned by celebrities and street stylers and hence, if they can then anyone can do it too.
  • It sounds great on its own as it is so versatile to slather and smear it on your nails on a lazy summer afternoons as you don’t need to go for a ton of tools, nail kit and accessories to complete your nails.
  • Last but not least, this theme is hue-filled in all ways that triggers the whole point of playful and plentiful.


Where to wear?

  1. As I said earlier, confetti nails are ideal for parties as it gleams with glee and it can faultlessly carry along well with the matching sparkling costume.
  2. These nails fit for any kind of festivity.
  3. It is absolutely great as a weekender as these nail candies literally goes well with denim shorts, white T-shirt and tanned sandals on a hot summery beach day.
  4. These nail candies supplement a hint of glam effect that could set you all in a quintessential holiday mode.
  5. You can also flawlessly show off your foil-toned glistening nails to your friends on your next catchup day.

Products that I used:

  • Cutex acetone free nail polish remover
  • Boots cotton pads
  • Coconut oil
  • Moisturiser
  • Boots cotton buds
  • Boots essentials – base coat
  • Rimmel London – 080 black cab
  • Barry M Aquarium collection – 428 mermaid
  • Boots essentials – top coat

How to create colourful confetti nails?

  1. Take the nail polish remover generously onto the cotton pad and wipe out all the old nail polish that are already clang onto your nails.
  2. Then, wash your hands nicely with the running tap water to clear off the dirt completely.
  3. Now, grab a few drops of coconut oil onto your fingers and massage it nicely all over the nails.
  4. After that, wear along some moisturiser on to your nails and leave it to soak for two minutes.
  5. Then, apply base coat onto your nails first.
  6. Now, apply two coats of Rimmel London’s black cab onto your nails.
  7. Then, apply a thin layer of Barry M mermaid onto your nails.
  8. Lastly, apply the top coat onto your nails.
  9. Don’t forget to dry your nails for two minutes each time after nail polish application.
  10. Finally, take off the excess bits on all the sides using cotton buds that are previously soaked up with nail polish remover.

Hurray! Now, your nails are ready to show off.


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