My hand completely relies on the so-called exfoliating pampering session.


The heat wave hitting hard in UK like it never happened a decade before and yesterday, temperature rose between 36 and 37 and it felt like we were all living in a tropical country. So, while we talk about centigrade and fahrenheit, one can’t deny the fact of skincare as the foremost priority as the first target from the radiant sun rays would be the outer surface of our skin that could hit hard like anything else and hence, giving a pampering exfoliation session to our lovable skin is a must as it is our responsibly to keep our skin fresh and healthy and that’s why today, I am just going to give some information on how to conquer and protect your skin all away from the harmful UV rays and the pollutant environment.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process that helps to take off the dead cells that are previously deposited on the epidermal layer of the skin and retrieves your skin as rejuvenated and refreshed as good as silky smooth and just like as a baby’s skin.

Why do I need exfoliation?

As we all know, our tender loving skin generates new skin cells all the time and the new cells starts from the bottom of the skin layer and pushes the old skin cells to the top layer of the skin and that shows how much exfoliation process is a very important and a much needed beauty routine as it aids so much to replace the old skin cells to new and this is why exfoliation is an essential beauty regime to have a younger looking skin forever.

Products that I use for exfoliation process:

  • Soap&Glory Scrub
  • Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil
  • Soap&Glory Hand Food

Actual Exfoliation process:

  1. Start the process with the well washed and cleaned face.
  2. Then, from the Soap&Glory scrub tube, squeeze in an inch sized of the scrub (which has an inbound moisturising foam formula) and apply onto the area of arms and hands and give a nice rub and massage it gently for two minutes by going around in circular motions all across.
  3. Now, clean your arms and hands with lukewarm tap water and wipe it with a clean towel.
  4. Affer that, just take two to three spritz of Garnier ultimate beauty oil (which has argan, macadamia, almond and rose oil) and apply it liberally onto the arms and hands to give a shining glow.
  5. Then, take an inch sized cream from the Soap&Glory hand food (which has all the nourishing elements) and apply it thoroughly all over the arms hands and particularly concentrating onto the elbows where it needs the most.
  6. Now, your skin is absolutely ready with a youthful gleaming looking skin.

Exfoliation end results:

  • My arms and hands were left with silky smooth finish.
  • Surprisingly I am fully satisfied with the area around elbows as it made a considerable transformation.
  • My skin looked illuminantly glowing with mere perfection.
  • The nourishing elements from the Garnier’s essential oils and the shea butter from hand food made my skin unbelievably super soft and soothing skin too.

So, if you are looking for a relaxing pampering session for this season, then this is the ultimate destination to come for. Hence, give it a try at home and have the real pleasure of exfoliation session.

Happy Thursday all!


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