Short nails love neutral and pastel nail lacquers.


There has been a striking debate going on for ages between manicure specialists and nail lovers about is it worth to have short nails or long nails? Also, one could not directly jump into a decision straightaway that how short nails are good or having long nails is better. Moreover, it is certain that the impact on both sides are always there and I have also seen women with short nails always tend to envy on to women having long nails and on the other hand, women with long nails think that it is easy to maintain short nails and all-in-all, I would say the discussion is quite unpredictable and too, one should need to embrace the fact of what they actually have – short or long nails. So, with much anticipation, let me dive in right away by giving some information, which can ideally bring a smile on to women having short nails.


Recently, on a beauty campaign, the nineteen year old, Kendall Jenner released her signature debut lipstick collection by collaborating along with the cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder and during the campaign, if you have noticed just like me, you might have seen the manicure of Kendall Jenner which were boxed off to excellence with rightly-polished, skin-hugging, matte-coated nail paint which in turn looked faultlessly stunning like any other. Myself, having got the inspiration from there, let me tell you some of the focal points that can bring a radiant glory to short nails.


Neutral Nail Lacquer:

Neutral nail paints are absolutely fabulous for short nails as they showcase your nails more longer and the neutral matted-tone  nail paint makes the whole look quite classical which I think is ideal as a workwear as we all know we can’t shimmer with sparkling glitters when it comes to office use as it is not the case of going to a chill party. Besides, neutral nail enamels are apparently great as a nice calming tone as it can project your beauty sense to outside world as stylish with a hint of elegancy statement attached along with it too.


Pastel nail shades:

Pastel nail polishes are quintessential for short nails as they are very much of summer hue, which is ideal to adore your nails right now and it also helps to show your well manicured nails as neat and tidy. Also, whatever pastel shades you wear including baby pink, peppermint green, sky blue, lilac, lavender and pastel yellow, there is now way you could get wrong with your selection and too, even though we have just passed the Spring season officially, its an exemplary way to exhibit your nails that too fashion with style.


Short nails – no worries:

If you have short nails – don’t take those worries seriously to be carried along on in your mind all the time as helping hand is always there to rescue your problem which could make your life lot more easier.

  1. Having short nails is a major and common issue with most of the women out there instead nowadays, the famous beauty companies like Leighton Denny, Liz Earle, Ciate London, Decleor, etc are producing quality nail strengthening products which can ideally make your nails get strengthened and grown with galore when those miracle products are swiped just along to your nails everyday and you could also see a considerable difference and change in your nail growth after a few days of application.
  2. Not only nail strengthening products but also nail strengthening oils are available, which are great as a natural product as they have nutritiously sourced ingredients as the main element which can flawlessly fulfil the thirst that your nails are looking for.
  3. Manicure specialist, Mavala is producing a glorious product called Mavala stop nail biting which I would say as a nail saviour for people who takes nail biting as an issue of uncontrollable habit.


So, I am sure that this post gives you lots of ideas on how you can effortlessly overcome the situation of having short nails.

Happy Manicure Monday.


7 thoughts on “Short nails love neutral and pastel nail lacquers.

  1. Love pastel shades, especially the coral-pink one in your picture. I’ve been wearing nail polish on and off for so long that the tips of my nails became weak and I had to cut them. So this is definitely a helpful post.

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