My Summer shine ‘n’ smile pink power.


Recently, I was all geared up and delightfully looking for some real flavours of Summer that could splurge in the form of bright summery lip shade that could gleam onto my lips and adorn like a pink jewel and also, as we all know Summer is all about colours and especially pink hue which could resemble and match the lovely budded pink rose in the back garden – a matter of true delight. Also, I always tend to prioritize pink rather than to corals since it has the true touch of Summer that looks natural yet in an elegant too.


So, by now, just like me you would all will be familiar with the product that I am going to narrate right now, which is none other than  Summer Pink No.148 from Maybelline NewYork that I opted for, which quintessentially ticked all the boxes including accessible price tag, quality and last but not least, luxe feel at ease that also came along with supplemented pink power – so, what more can I ask for? Moreover, the pink lipstick looked absolutely ravishing like a “pink candy in a box”. Also, as I moved along to the packaging (which I am in very particular if I bargain hunt for any kind of beauty product), I could see the lipstick came along with a gorgeous cylindrical frosted chrome tube wherein it got enclosed by the tube-length, easy-open, dark pink lid and also, having a shiny pinky label to the top of the lid. Hence, by watching all this, I can’t resist myself anymore to adore my tender lips and so, with no excuse I jumped in straight away into the ocean of pink beauty.


Like pros, I know Maybelline NewYork is known for delivering exceptional quality products that were adorned by millions of customers and celebrated in glory by famous people across the world and also carrying along with a pure authentication of trademark symbol, there is no way to a second thought while buying this product and too, to console my inner sense, I want to double-check with a test drive practically to get a clear confirmation myself and as I expected, this lipstick didn’t disappoint me  either as with its unbelievable power of silver lining shield, it protected my lips and didn’t make my lips drier on a harsh breezy windy day which proved the actual fact of real quality. So, with all this at the back of my mind, I grabbed the sleek lipstick and gently pulled the the lid on the other day and it went “POP” and then I turned the metal tube clockwise and I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of vibrantly glowing pink lip shade to come to the top of capsuled tube and as it popped up, I could see the delightful sight of luscious pink shade that sparkled with sprinkles of shining shimmer.


Furthermore, having known myself about its sophisticated, wow-factored formula, I slathered lipstick all around my lips especially concentrating on the border line of the lip and I should say, it just glided away effortlessly as its texture was super soft, kind to skin and smoothed throughout like a tiny blob of lip balm applied onto my lips and also, the prime role of high pigmentation deservedly stayed for much longer whereas other lipsticks tend to move away as time flies. Plus, the additional factor of minimal touch up and non-sickness made my day extra special which is worth noting when it comes to lipsticks and hence all-in-all, it is ideal to use either as a work wear for smart look or if you want to play with fun, then you could always go for a casual weekend look.

So, if you are looking for a pink lip shade that should last longer and also have a nice glow, then this is the one to try for.


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