A lip protectant which is more than a lip balm.


To be honest, when it comes to select a beauty product to protect my lips, I would always gaze for a product that is cost-worthy and at the same time doing some justice for what it is supposed to do yet in an effective way and that’s where I hit the right spot of picking the total life-changing product, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15, which is more than a lip balm.


Moreover, having served the beauty and cosmetics business for 85 years, there is no way I could get wrong about the quality of the product. In addition, having been used this product by British Royal Family, one could get a crystal clear authentication of how amazing the product is.


Furthermore, we all know women were using lip protectants for years and years making history but instead not long ago, a new beauty line has introduced a lip balm that fits just for men and by hearing all these, we could visibly see the rising popularity of lip protectants because of its multiple usage and versatile nature facts. And also, it implies that lip protectants are currently rocking the beauty line than ever and there is also a big rephrasing happening at the moment about the transformation of lip protectants not only being utilised in winter but also in summer too.


So, let us now see how versatile this product could be.

Use it as a moisturiser:

Having hold of wholesome goodness from the original formula that has never been changed before, this lip protectant excels by achieving amazing results when it is applied onto the skin and this thirst quenching creamy strength from the formula not only hydrates your skin but also keeps the applied area moisturised as well.

Use it as a lip protectant:

This lip protectant does the best job as a lip saver than any other lip balms in the beauty industry since a true degree of miracle happens when a little dab of this product applied onto to dry/chapped lips making a whole difference from dry to baby soft lips.

Use it to soften your elbows and knees:

As we all know, no one prefers to have dry patches either on elbows or knees and you would be surprised to see how a tiny blob of application of this product for few days onto your elbows and knees can make considerable transformation.

Use it as a cuticle conditioner:

I love nails and nail paints and the worst thing about manicure is that at the end it leaves my nails utterly dry to the core and that’s where this product comes as a saviour to rescue my vulnerable nails and cuticle. Hence, what you all need to do is, just massage a bit of this product around the perimeter of your nails to give a nice conditioning treatment and as few days of application of this nourishing nail food, you could make a considerable change to the strength of your nails.

Use it as a healing and soothing cream:

By this time, everyone knows that this is the holiday season and the first and foremost thing that strikes anyone’s mind about holiday is how to take care of the skin and with no excuse, this hand-on control product comes in very useful that sits quintessentially right in your makeup bag fuss-free throughout the holiday leaving you with whole peace of mind and also it maintains your skin to give a soothing and healing feature to the after-effect redness that has caused by the sun on your skin.

Pamper your feet:

Give your feet a bit of TLC and make it smile by slathering a small amount of this product onto your feet especially concentrating around the heels part where it needs the most and not to mention, surprisingly, you can’t even imagine how in a matter of time, the tired looking feet changes to a happy looking feet.

Use it as a glossy highlighter:

The fashion editorials are always filled with topics of different tips and tricks used by the fashion pros at the backstage of fashion weeks and being this as the much talked about product – where it is used as a glossy highlighter concentrating on the parts including top of the cheekbones, from temple to T-bone, middle of the upper lips and last but not least, the chin to project the model’s look with dewy skin; plus, the beauticians over there also use this product to tame the model’s unruly eyebrows.

Use it during festivals:

I would say, this product is a must for any festive season as the unpredictable weather including strong uv rays from the sun, bad torrential rain and  stormy harsh winds can harm and leave your skin dry and totally dull. Hence, by keeping all this in mind, wear a bit of this product onto your skin to keep it balanced and nourished.

How to enhance your eye and lip makeup?

Eyes and lips are like apple of an eye when it comes to makeup and with just magic in your hands (lip protectant), you could play innumerable ways to bring a new concept to your beauty look. Moreover, as the current trend is all about using eye shadow creams, what one should need to do is, just take a bit of powder eye shadow onto your hand and add a dab of this product to it and blend it nicely and apply the mix onto the eyelids to give a gleaming, glossy, evened out look and with no time, I would say that you can’t believe with your own eyes how a little addition of this product enhances your eyes to give a completely new look. And, also, while coming back to the lips, just take your favourite lip shade in your hand which is then later supplemented with tiny bit of this product to achieve a new layer of well-pigmented lip stain that would never want to leave your lips as it has the capacity of long-lasting staying power.


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