My nails are colour crushed with mighty tangerine.


Recently, Kendall Jenner uploaded her picture of pouted lips, which had a fresh coat of her debut-ever lipstick campaign for Estee Lauder that raved the social media, Instagram, which also earned an incredible amount of 800,000 likes for her first posting of her new look and through this campaign, she too made it double clear that the current trend to add pop of colour as a fashion symbol is none-other-than, the fiery orange and hence with that as an inspiration, today I am will be showing my new version of nail candy, that is etched with the colour of tangerine.


Besides, this summer trend is all about 70’s and especially when it comes to the comeback colour theme, then the first preference would definitely go to the ravishing orangey, tangerine colour – it’s all because of its bold and beautiful look. So, I accepted this as a challenge and at this time, I am not only restricted myself just to lips but also went long way back to nails along with my favourite nail polish as Nails Oh So from Next and by this moment, I could able to realise why fashion icons chose their statement looking colour as tangerine.


How to apply:

1. Start the process with the freshly prepared, nice oval nails.

2. Apply one layer of base coat as a base and allow it to dry for 2 minutes.

3. Then, apply two coats of tangerine colour and allow it to dry in-between..

4. Finish off the application with a thin layer of top coat and then dry it completely.

5. Now, it is ready to show off.

How to style:

You can rock your newly discovered fashion nail candies along with by wearing either a white-based or monochrome-based clothing and you could also adore your lips with the same matching colour to complete the whole look amazingly.

Moreover, having just stepped into the Summer season officially, I think this is the best time to try to enjoy the real flavour of summer with full power.


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