I love my bubblegum nail candies.

Having nail polish is considered as the quintessential part of summer pampering scheme among all kinds of groups including girls to teens and young to old and also, myself being as a great fan, who shows the ginormous amount of interest in wearing nail polishes albeit today I want to guide you through with some of my recent trend of adorning bubblegum hues on my nails and I should say, it is such a wonderful feeling that everyone should opt for.

18jun151Pink nails makes you feel few years younger:

Even though I have a huge place in my heart for red polishes since it is so classical and elegant and makes an instant vamp up to my nails yet I also hunt for nail polishes which can bring fun and drama to my tender-loving, soft-manicured, oval nails in various ways and that’s where comes in my favourite bubblegum nail candies.   Apparently, a recent survey has revealed the fact that a brighter shade like pink based nail polishes can make your hands feel a few years younger and by the way who doesn’t want to look younger, girls?


Just nail it – Grab the attention:

There is no doubt that girls love manicure and pedicure sessions and preferably, when it’s come to summer, girls would like to adore the freshly painted nails on their fingers and toes which can flawlessly reflects the lovely bright sunshine and the poolside while laying around the lounge chairs beside the blue-watered swimming pool on a lovely Sunday afternoon while spending some quality time with friends and family and having a bash among them with full of summer flavours – oh! what a pleasure! And, moreover the warm tones from the pretty pink makes your skin looks much brighter than to the blue shades which tends to project your skin paler and so, just go for it.


Celebrities-inspired bubblegum nail candies:

As many over there like me know that the teen reality star Kylie Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the celebrity world and recently, as per one of her summer special, she showed up her gorgeous, freshly lacquered pretty pink nails to the public on the social media, Instagram which raved up the internet crowd massively and also, you could have a take on it visually when you click on the link above.

Another noted celebrity to mention for is the former Made in Chelsea star, Ashley James who showed up her awesome baby pink manicured nails on the social media, Instagram among the public during her pre-preparing session of Isle of Wight festival and you could also catch up with all the details with the help of the link above.


Since we are at the right time of just entering into the transition period of Spring to Summer, I think this is the perfect time to revamp and rejuvenate your nails with these stunning pink nail candies.

So, keep rocking and have a fabulous Thursday!

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