Bring Bronze Goddess Summer Eye Look.

Summer eye makeup is spreading like fire on the internet and from various professionals to makeup artists from all around the globe are playing around with different shades available to bring out new creativity each time and hence this time, I was looking for a multipurpose eye product which can produce different eye look by using with just one essential component and that’s where I found this magical bonanza, Barry M Kohl Pencil No.29 with the gorgeous shade of metallic copper.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous with outer part of the pencil covered up all throughout with brown shade and then added along with golden glittery sparkles sprinkled like everywhere and calligraphed brilliantly with golden details and while coming along to the texture of the product, it is absolutely creamy with bright metallic coppery shade and the varied strokes that can be achieved are of three different types including thin, medium and thick, which I think is ideal for multipurpose usage.


Apparently, while getting experimenting with this product that I purchased recently, I was pretty much happy with the end results and I was exploring myself in different ways to achieve a wide ranged eye look that I like to share with you right now.


Nowadays, with all the cosmetic companies and the high street retail shops hitting their beauty products on the shelf at an unbelievably affordable price, there is a wide selection of eye kohl pencils are available to customers, who in turn can’t resist to neglect one from the other and that is a kind of picture scene is happening in day-to-day life of each and every beauty loving person while on their way to beauty retail therapy. So, with all this in mind, let me guide you with 3 different looks by using the above kohl pencil and also, these looks are perfect for sunny beach day out.



Use kohl pencil as an eyeliner:

Firstly, start with your regular neutral shade of eyeshadow to cover your lids and then to achieve a thin line of eyeliner, use a well-sharpened Barry M No.29 kohl pencil stating from the inner corner of the eye and extending to the outer corner and ending up with a flick at the outer edge. Afterwards, finish off the lower lash line with a fresh thin coat of Barry M No.29 kohl pencil to complete the eye look perfectly.

Smudged eyeliner:

Go for a bold eye look by lining Barry M No.29 kohl pencil around the upper and lower lash line and take a small smudge brush and work the brush slowly bit by bit to get a smudged look and while working on the outer corner of the eye, sweep the brush upwards to get a look of flicked eye.

Use kohl pencil as eyeshadow:

If you forget about eyeshadow while travelling, then don’t get panic and there is always a helping hand right in your makeup bag and so, with the help of little bit of Barry M No.29 kohl pencil and a dab of vaseline and by blending the mix nicely,  now you got the perfect creamy metallic eyeshadow in which you could effortlessly dab it onto your eyelids using your fingers to finish off your bronzy metallic effect on your eyes. It is that easy peasy and it works magical like picture perfect.

So, I hope you would also try these beauty techniques and enjoy this summer.

Happy Wednesday all!


3 thoughts on “Bring Bronze Goddess Summer Eye Look.

  1. I love the color of the pencil! I usually (almost always) use black eyeliner, but I really liked the idea of bold eye look, I think I am going to give it a try! Thanks for an interesting review! xxx

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