Shirt dress – A strong contender of fashion staple for this summer.

Having seen shirt dresses worn by top celebrities before and the way it’s hitting the market vigorously right now, there’s no doubt that it is going to play a game of strong contender among the other dresses for this summer season; plus, not only that, this shirt dress ticks all the boxes including utility style, Spring stripes and last but not least, the current rocking “70s” cut and so, in whatever way you see, it is certain that it is going to act a s a fashion vehicle which will be fulfilled by the ginormous fashion-striving global audience by all its fashion, theme and trend. Hence, let’s see in detail.



You could get the full day wearability comfort effortlessly with this lightweight cotton woven, mid-buttoned, shirt dress – which has a nice flat folded collar to the neck and also has stripes that runs vertically from shoulder to knee-length which also aids to show off your legs to appear longer and then moving onto the arms, it comes along with the 3/4th arm length that can be easily adjusted with buttoned tag option, wherein you can change the sleeve settings accordingly; lastly, not to forget the waist hugging section (belt) that comes along with the hoop on the sides which completes the quintessential relaxed fit for this shirt dress indefinitely.

Style notes:

  1. Make the mark of style first by coordinating this dress along with warm sunnies, sleek ponytail, beige heels and a bright luxury handbag.
  2. Go for a monochrome theme look by pairing this dress along with pure white cross body bag and then followed by a black platform wedges for a daytime look and black stilettos for a evening time, chic glam look.
  3. Swap for a minimal chic look while strolling along the white sanded beach by coupling along this dress with wide-brimmed hat and tan flip-flops.
  4. Have a modern take on this dress by matching along with lace up sandals and a suede fringed jacket for an exemplary retro look.
  5. Get the celebrity-inspired look by pairing this dress along with gladiator sandals which can effortlessly show off your legs stylish like a star.

So, I think you all got the inspiration and this is the time to get, set ready for the warm sunny day outs.


2 thoughts on “Shirt dress – A strong contender of fashion staple for this summer.

  1. I’ve been wanting a shirt dress for so long but they never seem to fit properly. I won’t give up my search and hope to buy one, one day 😃 xoxox Janet


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