A versatile summer makeup which can embrace the heat but not make it runny.

Having temperatures hitting mid twenties and considering June as the official start of beachgoers season, the first and foremost

beauty mantra to be noted for is, to follow the makeup routine of LIGHT, LIGHT and LIGHT application.


Care for your skin:

Summer is meant for having glowing healthy skin and this is the season where you welcome the warm sunny days that is given by the power of mother nature; hence, let’s see some of the precautions that are absolutely quintessential for this time of the year.

  • During summer months, have the practise of going for light makeup and definitely, summer is not the season for heavy makeup as the heat from the sun could make it all runny
  • As we all know, how to keep our face clean and so, let’s move onto the beginning of makeup, that’s where moisturiser comes first plus the one thing to keep in mind is, always select the moisturiser with SPF factor of at least 15 in it
  • Then, when it comes to foundation, applying light foundation is certainly a mandatory thing and I do always skip primer during hot sunny days
  • After that, hide away all the blemishes using a long-lasting concealer and I always use a tiny blob of moisturiser along with it to give a nice cooling effect to my skin
  • Afterwards, while moving onto the cheeks, contour the cheeks with a good quality bronzer and not to forget, apply highlighter onto the cheek bones, brow bone, forehead, tip of the nose and chin sensibly to get an ultimate glowing dewy look
  • Next moving onto the eye, go for a simple, neutral toned eyeshadow and to complete the eye look, finish it by brushing a few strokes of waterproof mascara onto the lashes
  • Lastly, bring some pop of colour to your lips by adding nice summery colours like pinks and corals onto your lips or otherwise opt for cool neutral lip shades

Finally, this is my version of summer makeup routine and if you follow some other beauty tips and tricks in achieving a perfectly illuminant makeup, then you can always comment it on the section below.

Hope you all have a lovely good day.


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